Cell phones and Eggs, Chicks and a Sense of Humor

Our Shetland Lambs this spring, whom I shall introduce further in a future post!

A few days ago I went with my son to the phone store to troubleshoot his telephone woes.  We ended up upgrading his phone and I adopted his phone(which had its woes straightened out.)  It was lovely for me to own the new-old phone with its shiny touch-large-touchscreen and I felt so very hip.

The next day I was doing chores in the a.m. and as it was 50ish out, I threw on my oilskin barncoat which I wear all winter.  I slid my phone into the pocket as you never know who might call you at 6:45 a.m….no, truly, I was awaiting a call from the post office that morning because I had ordered chicks which were due this week.

An egg on the ground outside of the henyard…silly chickens.  Sometimes I find a stray egg but when I saw it, I said to myself “First I’ll do all the waters and feeders, then I’ll grab that egg before I go over to the barn to do the chicks and sheep” knowing that there’d be too much jostling and such while filling the waters and the egg was, of course, fragile.

Later in the morning, after filling the buckets, the feeders, letting the sheep out to graze, checking on my new Freedom Rangers, my new turkey poults, feeding the barn cats and the bunny, I realized I’d put that egg in my pocket.  I checked my pocket.  DANG!!!!!!!  There it was, smashed cozily against my shiny-new-old-cellphone!!!!!

I peeled the jacket off and tried to up-end it to get the pocket emptied.  The egg and phone were glued into the pocket.  I was not happy, Bob.  So into the house I went, made an attempt to clean the phone, complained and complained, updated my FB status with the woes, and then went through the day phoneless.

Later that morning, the Post Office did indeed call and some of my Runner Ducklings had arrived.  I skipped down to Bennington to pick them up and bring them home, settling them in with the 30 layer hen chicks I’d gotten the week before.  They are “Blue” but right now they are grey and fuzzy and ADORABLE!  They acclimated quite nicely with the chicks and I was glad I’d already had an area set up for them.

We need a traffic light!

Could we get a traffic light in here?!

Still later that day, a friend asked if I wanted a few White Broadbreasted Turkey Poults that were left over from an order at the farm store, “Whitmans” that she works at.  I thought that’d be fine and picked them up.  They also settled in nicely.

Yesterday I got a call from the Post Office to pick up still more turkey poults.  I’d ordered 40(somehow in my head I’d thought it was 50) Broadbreasted Bronze’s and Bourbon Reds.  I had to run north a half hour to go to my dentist’s that a.m., but had time to dash south to the Post Office and pick up the little gobblers.  Sadly, I got them home and found 3 of the Bourbons had already been dead, several of them were having difficulty holding theirselves up, one Broadbreasted Bronze was completely leg-straddled.

one of the Broadbreasted Bronze poults givin' me attitude!

Twas an incredibly full day, as they all are, and every chance I got I checked on my little poults to see their status updates.  Two more Bourbons were dead at one checking, one more struggling mightily.  I could do nothing for them.  I hand fed and watered them, but left alone they just couldn’t support theirselves and they were getting trampled if I left them with the other active ones.  This meant they were isolated which also stressed them.

I called Murray McMurray Hatchery to report this and they told me that if I called Saturday morning, the 48-hour guarantee would mean I’d be reimbursed for any that I’d lost.  The lady on the phone was trying to be helpful saying it could’ve been that they were near an air conditioning vent during shipping that stressed that side of the box…suggesting sugar water or Karo syrup by tiny increments to boost their energy…  My big worry was that the Bourbons had a disease which was going to spread amongst my healthy chicks and poults.  Ahh, me…

Late in the day I drove to the phone store with my young “adopted” son Jimmy. Jimmy is an amazing kid, an invaluable tech-source, and loves the farm.  While my daughters were having an LOTR-marathon, Jimmy helped with some computer stuff and cleaned the barn(everyone needs a Jimmy!)  He assisted me in explaining my egg-phone woes and we learned that the phone was indeed kaput.  Fortunately I still had my lesser-phone with me and they were able to reactivate it.  I just couldn’t retrieve any of my contacts.  Oh well, worse things in life are happening…as I type I reflect on the fact that Saudi-women are not able to drive(insane, ridiculous, how can these things be?!?!?!)

So last night’s FB ramblings had me changing my name (from “Turkey-Tammy” White to “Egg” White) and then cracking(pun intended) horrible egg and tempura-coated-cell-phone jokes far and wide.  My husband had had enough of my humor and went to bed!  I’m still chuckling at myself!

What to do about those little turkey-poults?  I would love to be able to get more as I’ve already got orders for some of these guys and know how successful last year’s Turkey-Raising was.  Not one to accept defeat, I shall persevere.

For today, I look forward to safely carrying my cell phone whilst choring about the farm, gardening in the rain with my wonderful 27-year old niece, visiting with the Farrier, Tim Wall, when he comes to shoe the horses, and then a Scrabble Girls Night with my good friend Ellie whilst my son and husband are off on the Lake Champlain International Father’s Day  weekend Fishing Tournament.

4 responses to “Cell phones and Eggs, Chicks and a Sense of Humor

  1. Dear Tammy –
    Reading about your “Wing and a Prayer” adventures is a breath of fresh air for me… I have just enjoyed a relaxing few minutes following your poultry and phone story – thank you! I am prepping for a this Sunday thru Thursday service trip with 17 teens from my congregation – we are off to Boston… I am sure that the trip will bring back memories of our UCC regional event last year.
    Hope you enjoy this spectacular day… caring for all of the little winged ones!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Lucy! So glad you had a little R & R because you are going to be one busy gal this coming week! Safe and blessed travels – hope everyone has a fulfilling week and that all are healthy!

  2. Tee-hee-hee! You’re a sweetie, Leslie! Hope your day in Manhattan is as exciting as it sounds – quite an opposite adventure than I am having here on the farm! So nice to be in touch!

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