Report from the Hayloft

Last evening, at around 7:30 p.m., I put out the Facebook invite to join our family to help put up hay.  Within half an hour 3 able-bodied volunteers showed up and made quick work out of 3 wagons-full!  It was a surprise and delight to see our dear buddies.

This is a story about friendship and neighborly love.  I’m not going to get all sappy on you, but sometimes it needs to be said when there is good in the world.  How busy we all are in our lives that we are there in spirit for our loved ones, but really it is just difficult to do more than that?  So when someone musters the extra push and does something like showing up on your doorstep to do hard, manual labor for no return, how can you not help but beam?!

I’ll admit it is slightly risky to put an invite out on FB, but desperate times call for desperate measures…! It was the end of a long day, we were all tired, we knew that we wouldn’t have a window for getting the job done until Wednesday if we didn’t do it last night….one or two extra hands makes a world of difference in a job like that.  So there it was, out there for anyone!  I promised refreshment in many forms(Switzel, if you read my post yesterday!), the pool for a plunge afterward – just made it sound all-round jolly!  And 3 dear friends responded!  Now how do you like that for being blessed?

Evening is actually the nicest time for putting up hay because of the cooler temps.  We started without any type of warm-up exercises except for me pulling a cork or two, and I was feeling rather ashamed for taking innocent people off of the street and into the hayloft!  But in not too much time at all, it had turned into a festive hay-dance fest!  Silliness and a little bit of singing, chatty men-folk and the animal antics kept our energy levels high!  A playlist of Haying Tunes is in the making-from  Shaun Davey‘s ‘The Parting Glass‘ to Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell‘s ‘Aint No Mountain High Enough‘!

The Switzel was enjoyed by most, as was the pool-plunge afterward, and not only do I have poor-quality phone-photos to remember the fun by, in the days ahead I have heart-warming-memories to cherish of the power of camaraderie and giving.

Without further adieu, we thank Ellen & Rich Sager and Kerry Ryer-Parke to whom we bequeath this summer’s first harvest of golden honey from Wing and a Prayer Farm honeybees!

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