“Oh boy!  That is the best barter I can imagine!  ‘Cause you know that Pesto is waaaaaay better than pies!” replies my smart-alec 20-year old son!  I happen to think that is true, but Jody is not a fan of pesto.

God-like Pies

I have just had a brainstorm, as I am prone to have, that I will turn the basil that I had received in exchange for pies at yesterday’s Farmer’s Market into Almond Pesto and then sell it at Saturday’s market!

Pies on Tuesday, Pesto on Saturday!

I get very excited about this bartering-stuff!  It is my favorite part of the Walloomsac Farmer’s Market -shhh, don’t tell anyone.  After the market closes, the vendors “spend” their wares at each other’s tables and yesterday I turned pies into produce into pizza…and now, into pesto!

3 responses to “Pesto-for-Pies

  1. Dear My Friend–do you have any good non-nut pesto recipes? Thank you and love you–Pammie

    • I shall make some up with the following recipe, Pammie, for our non-nut friends! It is the French “Pistou!”

      3 cups fresh basil leaves
      2-3 cloves garlic
      About 1/4 cup quality parmesan cheese, grated
      Splash of fresh lemon juice
      About 1/2 cup olive oil
      Salt and pepper to taste

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