Secure the hives!

calm before the storm

the happy bee-keeping couple

Here we are, pre-battening-down-the-hatches.  

My husband Jim sent an email from work yesterday:

“Since we are perhaps due for 25+ MPH winds and lots of rain, let’s consider working on this list Saturday:

  • All birds and animals into the barn
  • Close all barn windows
  • Ready barn floor for flooding
  • Drive metal fence posts next to each bee hive and rope them from tipping over
  • Lower pond level by digging out the discharge with the bucket
  • Make sure all driveway culverts are free and clear
  • Remove deck furniture
  • Clean house gutters
  • Check generator
  • Others??”
Well, I didn’t sit down and write back with “others??” because I was pretty sure he’d covered most of it.  I had a to-do list of my own because on Saturdays we at Wing and a Prayer Farm sell lots of wares at the Walloomsac Farmers’ Market in Bennington, VT.  But you know how it is, you do everything you normally do in a day and you prepare for a Hurricane too.  At least that’s how my days go.  I try not to stress too much.
I wasn’t exactly mocking my husband’s well-intentioned list, but “lower pond level?!!!!!”
Yes, Mr. White did make an attempt to lower the pond level and that involved the tractor.  And that also involved getting the tractor stuck.  Which he does annually.  Everyone predicted it and when he walked into the house to ask if someone could drive a vehicle to help pull the tractor out, voices in unison exclaimed “You always get the tractor stuck!”  But in spite of getting it stuck, he did a very impressive job digging away so that the water would flow properly and not hopefully wash our driveway out.
Sarah Jane, Charlotte & I were Team-Get-The-Poultry-&-Sheep-Where-They-Need-To-Be.  We were clever and sweet and managed to convince every feathered and wooly friend that they should be behind Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3 the proper Hurricane Shelter for each group.  You see, I really didn’t want to find my peacocks in the next county or our turkeys in the trees.  And the sheep, well, they weren’t going to go anywhere but don’t you think it would just be pathetic to leave them out in a hurricane?  Of course they are under cover and quite happy!
Turkeys safely tucked in

Turkeys Take Cover

So we did indeed get it all done today, including a successful Farmers’ Market, and I am hopeful that his plans for securing the beehives works out.  We’ll see when the winds pick up tomorrow if the baling twine and steel posts keep them where they’re supposed to be!
Battened Down Hives

Hives hopefully battened down!

yeah, we're into cinder blocks to hold stuff down!

Dinner pre-Irene

Oh I know this has nothing to do with anything, but my dinner after a long day was delightful! I though the colors of the salad, roasted fresh vegetables and my lovely cheddar omelet were quite attractive so I took a photo!

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    • You make me laugh, Leslie! Thanks for the comment and happy battening-down-the-hatches to you, too! Hope your car stays where it is parked and your home is dry and in-tact!

  1. All that work & you still had the energy to write about it! Amazing! Prepping for the winds & rain has left us exhausted! Hope you, your family & your animals fare well.

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