The Color of Life

"These green hills"

I was thinking about the calm before the storm and now the sparkling after the storm and realized how every day is so full of drama of one type or another.  Here in Vermont, where the aftermath of Hurricane Irene means dredging feet and feet of silt and pulling timber and rocks and furnishings from where they don’t belong, I am not able to ignore the clear blue skies and bright warming sunshine that surrounded us yesterday and again today.  The heavy dew of last evening and cooler temps mean that there is mist rising from wherever the sun is first peeking in and surfaces are absolutely brilliant from the reflection.  Our animals, here on the farm, are joyful and animated because of the freedom to get out and find fat worms or graze without a driving wind on their backsides.  I even saw a hen or two make an attempt at a dust bath yesterday.

I am in a mode of compartmentalizing emotion.  The hurt and the ache for my friends that have been going through so much more drama than I is in a cubby right now.  I have another cubby in which I am storing my anxiety about saying goodbye to my middle daughter tomorrow and starting a new adventure with my youngest child.  In another cubby are the daily concerns such as what to do about poor little Dobby, my limping ram lamb and what to do about a stupid lawsuit(believe me when I say “stupid” and also believe me that it is only suitable for fiction-stories!)  The cubbies pile up as they do for everyone.  We all have our personal prayer-lists.

But there is another compartmentalization as well and that is my daily gratitudes.  When I turn to that storage unit, I am just hit over the head with how much there is to be grateful for and right now, one of those items is the dazzling sunlight of a fresh Vermont morning and the sweet tweedling of my turkeys outside my front door(some day I’ll record those lyrical gobblers for you!)  There is a groundswell of generosity and warming hearts that means reaching out to our neighbors and friends in the aftermath of Irene.  People are calling and travelling, if they can, and literally, brothers and sisters are reuniting to come together.  Business and individuals are coordinating to serve meals, provide services, just support in general in any way that they can.  My Youth Group is giving a benefit dinner at the end of September at our church and I am sure it is one of an onslaught of such events. Young and old, friends and enemies, strangers…there are powerful connections being made between Vermonters and those that send their thoughts and prayers.When the clean up is done, we will have much more that physical renewal here in Vermont.  The real colors of living will have been revealed and that is the type of lesson that we are never too old to learn or to re-learn.

4 responses to “The Color of Life

  1. What a beautiful prose poem you have penned! It is a beautiful day and we have a lot to be grateful for. Hope you came through it all OK. We were high and dry and only lost power for a few hours. See you Sunday.

  2. Thanks, B -glad to hear that you stayed safe. See you on Sunday for a catch-up-hug and a congratulations-grandma-hug, too!

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