“We must protect this house!” Not.

Jewel discovers the music room

Jewel discovers the music room

When Char and I arrived home the other day,  I noticed a little blob on the floor that was clearly from a bird.  We’d not been inside for too long, shuttling back and forth to the car to unload, but I asked “Char?  Did you or I track something in?”  Our two dogs that were home, (the third had gone fishing with my son,) appeared sheepishly from the far-reaches of the house where they’d found themselves a bedroom door to push open and then snuggle onto the mattresses they were not typically welcome to.  Mind you, they are both bird dogs as well as very bark-y watch dogs, so if there’d been an intruder, surely they would have warded it/them off!

But they didn’t.

 Yes, they had been out and about at some point.  I knew that because the side door was open.  My dogs not only know how to open the front door of my house to go out, but they also know how to open the side door to get in.  High security.  So there it was, the side door ajar and then I heard a little noise.  I saw a few more of the bird-droppings and followed them into the music room and the living room to find Fig & Jewel, my two white peafowl, were on a self-tour of our home.  Yes, many days they would peer in at us from the deck.  We always presumed they were admiring their reflections.  

But now I know that all along, they had been house-shopping!

the view out back is lovely!
“The view out the back is lovely!”

"Oh look, dear, here is the kitchen!"

"Oh look, dear, here is the kitchen!"

3 responses to ““We must protect this house!” Not.

  1. Pea-fowl calling cards… did they “call” inside? My Aunt and Uncle have peacocks – I love their sound – they can be good watch-birds …. perhaps they need to train your watch-dogs!

  2. Love it!! Dogs in your beds, peacocks in your kitchen, doors wide open!! Good thing Balrog has his ladies to keep him company otherwise he may have joined the menagerie!

  3. Tee-hee-hee! The “calling cards” is a great play on words! Yes, I love their sound, too, Lucy! I try to imitate them sometimes -it is good fun!
    Yes, indeed, Kara, it is a good thing that Balrog is shut up tight, but stay tuned to a fun post about the silly ladies that like to get out and about….and I won’t be surprised to walk in and find them here also!

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