Counting Sheep

Today, enjoy a little picture-show of my silly ewes, Pansy & Nikki, and how I had to put my foot-down on their break-outs last week. Charlotte and I watched where they were breaking out and reinforced the fencing.

Where Balrog, the ram, is concerned?  “Well,” they have confided, “we’re just not that into him!”  Sorry, girls, party’s over!

Nikki & Pansy going to the nametag table during our annual pumpkin contest
Here I am, buttering them up for re-entry into the sheep world
Ciao, bella!
“So, I was telling you about that ram….”
Easy does it!
easy does it!
Minor deterrent
Pansy, where she wants to be
“As I was saying…”
the “right” side of the fence