Counting Sheep

Today, enjoy a little picture-show of my silly ewes, Pansy & Nikki, and how I had to put my foot-down on their break-outs last week. Charlotte and I watched where they were breaking out and reinforced the fencing.

Where Balrog, the ram, is concerned? ¬†“Well,” they have confided, “we’re just not that into him!” ¬†Sorry, girls, party’s over!

Nikki & Pansy going to the nametag table during our annual pumpkin contest
Here I am, buttering them up for re-entry into the sheep world
Ciao, bella!
“So, I was telling you about that ram….”
Easy does it!
easy does it!
Minor deterrent
Pansy, where she wants to be
“As I was saying…”
the “right” side of the fence