Taking time to stop and smell the leaves

Cue symphony soundtrack!

Lists are fun to make.  I make one or more everyday.  In the last couple of days I had done some intense list making which filled up ruled pages.  Such an accomplishment to strike, or squiggly line, the items off as I moved through the day.  But this morning I imagined that it might be more fun to work against a list that was a colorful montage of images with an amazing soundtrack.  Sort of the way I see my youngest daughter move through her days!  Or, perhaps a boardbook with chunky pages and photos like the ones that folks read to toddlers?  Or, what about a cartoon?

Well, I had this beautiful illustrated, soundtracked to-do list in my head, but I never did get around to rendering it quite so cleverly.  Perhaps one day…I’ll throw in on my list.

Above all, though, it would never do to move through the day in Vermont in the fall without pausing to take in the incredible show that the mountains and country roads are hosting.  

Meanwhile, here are two of my lists, one from the beginning of September and one from today, and both typical of my crazy & blessed life:

September 1:

Feed and water everyone

Take Char to school

Pick up 50 chicks

Pick Jody up from the airport

Laundry, laundry, laundry, and laundry

Vet-check with 6 lambs, 8 sheep

Move sheep around

Start the smoker, check hives, move frames and move supers

Make grocery list

Grocery shopping

Make Rock Shrimp/Andouille Sausage Pot Pie recipe

Make carrot cake

Pack stuff for tomorrow’s trip to Boston and for delivering to SJ at college

Pack for trip to VA on Sunday

And October 18, 2011:

Feed/water everyone

Take Char to school

Fill gas tank on truck

Hang laundry

Walk with E -(Note:  this is/was vital to my health as I’d been nursing a 2-day whopper of a headache.  It helped!)

Finish emails

Pack pumpkins to take to L’s in exchange for Concord grapes

Drive fleeces to Battenkill Spinnery

Drive to pick Char up

Drive like bat-out-of-hell, sorry folks, to Bennington for Char’s violin/villain lesson

(insert “get a speeding ticket from a Sheriff that is as old as my son” here)

Pick grapes at L’s vineyard

Pick Char up after lesson

Drive back to L’s to watch her amazing daughter put on a flaming baton twirling show

Drive home to feed/water everyone and tuck them in for the night

Make dinner

Interrupt dinner with skype-call from SJ to explain how her hand got burned today

Wind yarn from skeins to balls

Type blog

Finish reading “The Princess Bride”

4 responses to “Taking time to stop and smell the leaves

    • You betcha, E! Maybe not old enough to have learned all my lessons yet, but some days I still know a thing or two about priorities!

    • She’s o.k., Pam! She was paying for a cup of tea at the campus coffee-shop and the sleeve slipped on the cup, dousing her hand, her leg and the cashier! So it was a nasty scald-burn…apparently the coffee-shop has incredibly hot water. She got fixed up at the infirmary and has gauze-wrapped fingers to show for it. Unfortunately it is her right hand, her writing hand! Fortunately she can take ibuprofen for the pain/swelling.

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