Conquering the Grape

20 pounds of Concords

L called me up about a week ago.  She has had a banner year with her Concord grapes and wanted to share so we worked out a swap in which I would bring her some of my bumper-crop-pumpkins in exchange for her bounty.  It was a delightful time picking about 20 pounds of grapes in 30 minutes.  And there were many more left….but time constraints prevented me from further harvesting and so I took what I had and rendered it into the most heavenly smelling and delicious confection:  Grape Jelly to have and to hold.  What makes it all the more exquisite is the sisterly love and goodness of which it was born.  Thanks, L!

Separating the stems and the under-ripes

the skins with their dark, juicy sweetness

Celadon spheres, as I call them

pureeing the skins with sugar

Grape skins pureed with a bit of sugar

adding to the bubbling pulp

boil, boil, toil and trouble

extracting the juice

Do you see Pangaea?

stirring in a combination of pectin and sugar

And she's ready!

rich and colorful, sensational grape jelly

I started canning at 10p.m., and you can imagine the mess!

ready for the morning toast!