Winding Down

Enjoying the last mild days of November

Tonight I began to prepare for turkey-trot-Saturday. Experimenting, I decided I’d see if anyone wanted to hop into the back of the truck of their own free will and so I threw a handful of grain in the bed.  Interestingly enough, not one bird hopped in.  Every other day of the week they light onto the truck with no prompting.

They’re definitely suspicious.

I opened the barn doors and carried a scoop of grain with me to an empty stall.  This was hugely and immediately successful.  Sixteen birds tweedled, en masse, and tripped their way into their new bunk for the night.  Meanwhile, there were 4 turkeys in the sheep run out which were clamoring to come in. I opened the door on Iglesias & Obaamaa’s stall to the outside and the clique bolted in, wolfing down the sheep’s grain much to the sheep’s chagrin.  “Break it up!  Break it up!” I jovially demanded and they followed me across the aisleway and into the stall with the other gobblers.  Oh happy day!  They chortled joyfully to be reunited with their mates and I shut the door.  Making sure they had fresh water, hay and a little more grain for the night, I then turned out the lights.

Twenty more  to convince tomorrow.

Tonight they roost on the roof, the fence posts, the gates and one rotund statue squats on the barn stoop.

Snowflakes falling as I walked back into the house were the perfect finish to this beginning-of-the-end task.  Quiet barn, quiet night.  Fat, healthy turkeys for Thanksgiving dinners.

Bourbon Reds' first snow