The Good Life

I have to say that I’m short on words at the end of this Thanksgiving Day.  I baked a slew of pies and brought them to my mom’s where she served one of our turkeys and the rest of the menu.  The turkey was exquisite and we shared a lot of laughs with the family.  

fresh from the oven - 9 pies

Mom & our Wing and a Prayer Farm turkey

Thanksgiving buffet

My mom lives but an hour away so we were able to be home in time to tend to the evening chores without worrying that the animals had to wait too long for their Thanksgiving dinners.  After the build-up to this day with all of the turkey-doings this past season, I am looking forward to some November quiet before it slips away.  I am crazy for Christmas and all that goes with it, but I’m also in no rush.  With kids to bottle feed, sheep, turkeys, chickens, ducks, peacocks, horses, ponies, bunnies, dogs & cats to tend, as well as a family whom I love to dote on, it will be nice to focus on simply that tomorrow.  

Sadly, tomorrow Jody is going back to Virginia to finish the semester, but we look forward to his quick return after finals for his winter break.  

Charlotte had put together the most adorable video to the tune of “Everybody” by Ingrid Michaelson and after watching her edit and polish, I had her permission to include it for others to enjoy a slice of Wing and a Prayer Farm.  It occurred to me that while I could fill a page with the blessings I am grateful for this year, high on that list would be exactly what she has encapsulated in a 3 and a half-minute video.  So here is a sincere hope that your Thanksgiving  was pleasant, and enjoy the tour:

4 responses to “The Good Life

  1. Happy Thanksgiving !!!
    I had Pumpkin Pie detail as I do each year . My Great Grandmothers recipe came out extra delicious this year ( I think it was the Log Cottage effect )
    As we sat down to our traditional meal at my Moms I asked her if she had ordered her bird from you and once again we talked about your amazing life and remarkable Tammy !! 🙂

    • 🙂 indeed, Carolyn! Glad your pumpkin pie worked out -mine was just slightly uncooked in the very middle, but we survived!
      I’d love to send your mom a turkey for Christmastime – just send me a line if you guys want one. We can express-ship it on dry-ice or find someone heading that way to pass it off! Happy Thanksgiving, Carolyn. Thank you for all of your kind comments <3

  2. What an absolutely beautiful photo of your mom!!! I’ve watched Charlotte’s video several times and was happy to start my day with it again today. I can’t imagine the time and effort she took to compile this video. So many seasons, so many boarders, so much love!! Everybody wants to love!! Happy Thanksgiving, Tammy!

  3. So cute, Kara! Yes, it is addictive, isn’t it? I keep watching it myself, even after I’ve just come in from feeding the goats, everyone…then I want more! So glad you’re enjoying the love, love, love! What a nice little message to have on repeat in the back of your mind all day 🙂
    Thank you for the fun comments and I look forward to more of your tales as well! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your crew of guys!

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