Bad hair day

There's a hen under here somewhere!

On a frigid morning in January, I discovered a casualty in the henhouse.  Dear Josephine, my Polish Bantam chicken, had developed icicles where once she had a gorgeous headdress of plumes. She would have gotten them whenever she dipped her little head into the water bucket for a sip:

She happily cuddled in my arms when I rescued her and brought her to the door.  I knocked and called out, “Code Blue!”  Henceforth, makeover magic saved the day and with my helpful assistant stylist, Char, we restored her to her original glory.  Enjoy the transformation:

Anyone got a barrette?

warm water works wonders

Towel Head!

defrosting de feathers

ready for re-entry

Voila! Ready for Vegas!

4 responses to “Bad hair day

  1. I loved this chicken story and picture before, but it’s great to have the whole thing! The expression of the chicken and the joy on your face really makes it in the last frame. Why on earth would chickens have developed that silly topknot? It’s great, but maybe they have less cold weather in Poland!

    • I am unsure why they have the topknot but the “crested” breeds go way back to Asia over a few hundred years. On the one hand, they would provide extra warmth or shade, on the other hand, they’re not practical when they get wet and freeze. A common trait that goes along with being crested is to be gentler because of the “shield” the crest/topknot provides. They’re going around in a bubble and don’t get their feathers ruffled as often because their vision is limited! Our little Josephine is very calm and happy to be handled, which makes me think that she only sees half of what is going on around her.

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