(nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Standy Guy

Who can explain Standy Guy?  Some can and won’t.  Some will and can’t.

Personally, I like to remain in the dark about it, though I’ve heard tell of a few stories.

But whether there is a good explanation for his talent of riding everywhere standing up, donning yellow slicker and red flying scarf in the winter, bare-chested with red flying scarf in other seasons, we all get a kick out of this local urban legend.

One day we’ll issue punch-cards for Standy Guy-sightings and it will become a tourist attraction to spot him, gaining you discounts at the local Cheese House or $$’s off a gallon of Maple Syrup somewhere.

All in the name of fun, and thank you, Standy Guy, for the free entertainment!

7 responses to “(nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Standy Guy

    • Yes! The goggles, too! Guess I don’t really notice them so much! Used to think he was “too” much, but over the years I’ve sort of come to respect him for standing (!) by his eccentricity 🙂

  1. He could have no knee joints. He looks about as tall as I am and perhaps he can’t see through the windshield on the old Gold Wing. There might be a slash in the seat vinyl and the sponge bit is wet all year round. Perhaps he was taught how to ride by somebody with a sense of humour. He could have a bad back. He may just want to be a local hero. If so, he has got somebody in Ireland thinking about his antics.
    Go stand up guy!

    • Love all of these! And maybe someday I’ll leak what I’ve heard here….but another very funny tidbit is that he’s packing heat under that yellow slicker – two pistols! Which is a little disturbing! But who knows…perhaps someday there’ll be an interview in our local paper or maybe I’ll interview him myself! Have a fantastic February, Conor, and thanks for visiting the farm!

  2. He is a legend. Coming from an Arlington born and raised resident I have to correct you on his title. He is widely known in his home town as “The Red Baron.” appropriately. We too have heard lots

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