Hope in a Groundhog

The Wing and a Prayer Farm animals and I took an informal poll today.  We looked high and we looked low.  None of us found our shadows.

So to you, Punxsutawney Phil, I say “Pshaw!”  Six more weeks of winter is not rocket science.  I live in Vermont and we don’t see green grass til May anyway.  But I’m not going to let you rain on my parade of wishful thinking that, just maybe, the sun will warm things up a little sooner.

Jackie and Abe the English Springer Spaniels looked,

Cricket looked(well, sort of),

and Max the horse looked.

Fig the White Peacock looked,

Chanticleer the Auracana rooster looked,

and Indian Blue Runner ducks ran.  (As they would run from their shadow, they really shouldn’t qualify for this poll.)

Lily the Shetland Sheep said, “There’s NO shadow, Phil!”

Patricia the Saanen/Nubian goat didn’t find her shadow,

Bean the Bunny searched (however, Bean can’t really be included in the survey because she lives indoors),

Niska the barn cat peeked,

and Wasabi the barn cat said, “I’m a way better judge of shadows than some groundhog in Pennsylvania!”

So move over, cute little groundhog, in our neck of the woods we just take it one day at a time.

6 responses to “Hope in a Groundhog

    • Thanks, Danielle! We typically have a “real” winter here but this is the year of low-to-no snow! It’s nice to be spared the extra work involved, but I do miss how it brightens it up and makes you somehow feel cozier. Meanwhile, though, we’re blessed to have great ice skating on our pond with less maintenance than usual, as we don’t have to shovel all of the time! As you may see by some of my other, older pictures from last winter, we do indeed have plenty of “real winter!” Enjoy!

      • Okay, now you’re just making me mad: ice skating on the pond? I’m packing my bags and headed from the west. 😉 We may (slight chance) get a rainstorm here in a day or two. That’s about as wintry as we are getting these days!

  1. Aww, sorry! You’re welcome to brag on your growing season if it makes you feel better! We’re always wishing for an extra month of fertile ground around here 🙂

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