I’m preparing to head south in a few days to visit my son for his birthday.

Soccer-moms have got nothing on me, but I’ll report more about this upcoming trip on another day. 

this kid is gonna be 21

Tickled to be able to share a special time together,  I am readying the wagons for the journey, thinking of what baked goods I’ll be spoiling his Virginia Tech Bass Fishing Team with, organizing the farm/family for my absence, and of course, deciding on my music for the road trip.

I came upon this old draft from when I’d last hit the highways, obviously from a previous visit to son-one, and instead of dread at being on the road for 13 hours one way next week, I am inspired and rejuvenated to hit the highways.

 I’ll appreciate your travellers’ blessings, but in the meantime, enjoy my  past tale:

I started the day driving in the dark, pouring rain of Tropical Storm Lee in Blacksburg, VA.  Captain & Tenielle, Chicago, Carmina Burana’s “Il Trutina”, Copeland’s “Fanfare for a Common Man”…just some of the “C’s”, mind you, of my road trip soundtrack.  It is about 11 hours of driving and I decided to just go for it.  I stopped twice for gas and coffee, but with two hands on the wheel, mostly, and my eyes on the watery windshield, I forged ahead to get home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Now when you are headed up Highway 81 in the midst of the Blue Ridge ranges, you have got to listen to Bluegrass.  I didn’t turn off my favorite  XM radio station until I got to Pennsylvania.  I’m crazy about Balsam Range and Nickel Creek.  There is something very energizing about the tempo, the rhythms and those strings. Yes, I know there are other instruments that play their part and I enjoy them all, but, oh my, a banjo is what I dream of learning.  And I’m not sure which, whether it is that the speed limit is 70mph through Virginia or that the music has your head and your heart racing, you can really cover some miles.  Even with the windshield wipers flying across the glass and a deluged roadway.

Pennsylvania-driving is my least favorite part of the journey.  It tends to drag on for me.  But that is when I tuned into my own playlists and decided I would take a trip through my entire library, shuffling the genres to make it interesting.  Here is where I inadvertently photographed myself while trying to keep my eyes on the road and make an adjustment to my phone/iPod at the same time:

Happy Travelling!

at the top of her lungs!

I have to laugh at myself and recognize that I’m one of “those” people that you’ve seen driving past, oblivious that they are publicizing their private concerts!  Well, no harm was done, I arrived home safely, and the next time I have one of these solo-rides, I’m sure I’ll sing through my miles as eclectically.

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    • Why thank you! Imagine my surprise and laugh when I found that later on when I had plugged my phone in to charge it and saw that one peel off as it “downloaded!” So it is what got me thinking about this silly blog to begin with 🙂

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