Birthday state of mind

I popped out of bed to do the chores this morning.  I had more energy for the day than typical because of the adrenaline rush that today was my birthday.  I get very excited for this event because I love cake.  Period.  But also because there is something about the opportunity for a fresh year ahead in which you can accomplish important things like, I don’t know, making lots of mini pies.

It was a great day. From the loose sheep in the orchard this morning to the homemade baguette & wonton soup this evening, I have enjoyed a kaleidoscope collage of activity, birthday and not, and well wishes from friends and family, far and near.

I learned today that I share my birthday with one Ethel Helena Raney in North Bennington, the town next door.  She turned 107 years young and, to quote the Bennington Banner, “the centenarian said she had walked many miles in her life, but “never drove no car.”

Ah, me, guess I’ll be lucky if I make it to 50!

sheep on the lam...

follow me

Peekaboo, Marcia!

Fresh bedding for the chickabiddies!

"Forced Forsythia", five times fast!

Caesar Deviled Eggs - a divine recipe!

Patricia helps to groom Izzy

Char & Ruger Jac, into the sunset

Birthday ride

Birthday dinner -my favorite homemade wonton soup

the gorgeous Schilling and the birthday tulips

14 responses to “Birthday state of mind

    • Thank you, Nick! I am so thrilled to have a greeting from Russia – a small world, indeed! (My father was Russian and I am named for a good family friend, ‘Tamara’.) May your year be filled with health and love also.

  1. Happy Birthday Tammy… I so enjoy your blog… makes every day I read it a tad birthdayish.
    Why no picture of “the cake”?

    • Aww, that is a nice thought, Lucy! Interesting that you should ask about the cake photos…:-) Since I am the shutterbug around here, I document everything except it is difficult if I am on the receiving end, as I was with the cake, to find the camera in time sometimes! We had a a huge giggle-fit when it came to cake-time last night because Jim & Char were struggling to carry a tune as well as the cake. In the flurry of it all, no photos were taken! But I will share that it was a homemade chocolate creation that my mom brought to me during the day, as a surprise, with mocha frosting. I was just setting out to bake myself a “Beet Chocolate Cake”, even had roasted the beets for the recipe, and she showed up!

      I am going to enjoy some for my afternoon tea, today, sans the silly singing!

  2. Oh, happy birthday! What a beautiful life! Never miss an opportunity to celebrate a birthday. The photos of the horse remind me of a life I left behind. Good memories.

    • Thank you, thank you! You are SO right! My mom and I had a conversation about that yesterday as I was sharing the 107 year old’s stories with her. I am hoping to make it to 100, myself, but my mom has an opposite view. She felt sorry for the 107 year old woman “having to live that long.” 🙁 I think we’ve got to stay focused on the present and the future in a positive way, knowing how each day is an opportunity to give and receive. I said, “Mom, but then you wouldn’t be able to do things like be here with me on my birthday! Or watch the Academy Awards and see all those beautiful dresses!” (We’d had a conversation about that earlier.) I actually think she was kidding, a little, because I get a lot of my optimism and work ethic from her. Anyway, I’m glad I have a photo of the horse-riding. It will be one that I will look back on fondly for a long time. We had such a nice ride, my daughter and I…

      • I may be closer to your mother’s age. When younger, I would state my intention to live to be 100. Now that I’m older, I figure 80s are good. 🙂

  3. Happy birthday a couple days late to you! Just found your blog through a relative’s Facebook link. I was born in Bennington and raised in Shaftsbury until my teens years, I miss Vermont sometimes, and your blog makes me nostalgic. best wishes!

    • Thank you, Shannon! “Drop by” any time! Glad you’ve stumbled upon the farm and it is a sure way to get a dose of fresh air without getting your boots muddy! Be well,

      • That is wishful thinking about the boots, lol! We have our own five-acre piece of Heaven in rural Illinois. Currently one senior citizen horse is the only barn resident, but our chicks are coming this month, and we are thinking about a couple milk goats. We are well-familiar with muddy boots, but it’s all good!

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