Career or Stay-At-Home Goat?

Lu - more than a pretty face

This morning Lu came over and leaned on me.  I sat down in the snow and she crawled into my lap.  So we cuddled and talked.  Meanwhile, the rest of the kids came in to whisper and we gossiped about Ruger Jac, the handsome Quarter Horse nearby, when would the sheep deliver, how foolish the peacock looked displaying while the other chickens were pecking at his behind, and finally, the future.  I asked them if they thought they would like to earn their living with chevre in the coming years or if they would instead enjoy being pets and perhaps mamas.

I started with Lu because she was the one to get the conversation going.  She and I decided that she has proven she can take on anything.  My prior thoughts on her productivity were that she ought not to take on breeding and milking and certainly not nursing kids as I’m concerned she carries Caprine Arthritis-Encephalitis (commonly referred to as “CAE“).  However, she has shown fortitude and stamina, though her body is weaker than the others, but it seems that when the time comes it may be possible for her to contribute to the farm after all.

Patricia - watch her break through the (Chevre) glass ceiling

Patricia is where I’m putting my money, for sure, as a producer.  She’s full of it and I’m daily having to politely remonstrate her as she is always pushing the envelope.  As in, getting into situations where she is not welcome.  Every day I have to fish her out of the wheelbarrow while I attempt to expediently execute the chores and two days ago when I tried the kids in a new pasture, she was the first to figure the way out.  She often terrorizes the Blue Runner Ducks by climbing on their house and then climbing over their fence and into their yard, yumming up their food or chasing them into their house.

never idle for long

Patricia enjoys free rides

Rosa needs a job

I tried discussing the future options with Rosa, but she cut to the chase by butting Lu in my lap.  I’m thinking that she’s a career gal and it’s either as a prison officer or a milk goat.

Marcia the Marvelous

Marcia is a career-climbing kid for sure.  I could see her putting out the milk with a smile on her face and I am confident that if she wanted to be a stay-at-home goat, she’d be a great mother as well.

Lest you think that I am either silly or do not have enough work to occupy myself, I assure you it is the former.  The sit-down with the girls this morning is just part of my habit to be distracted by beautiful moments in life.

4 responses to “Career or Stay-At-Home Goat?

  1. Goats are so cute. Seattle now lets you keep them in your city backyard, but I think I probably ought to get my cuteness fix by enjoying yours instead. 🙂

    • Walled-in backyard, right?! They know no boundaries, so unless you have proper fencing, I think it could be a trick keeping them in the city! But they are definitely adorable, smart, sweet, and keep one on their toes. You are welcome to “drop by” anytime for a cuteness fix :-)!

    • 🙂 It’s true, if you met her, you would definitely want to bring her home! She’s such a little dolly – just climbs into you lap and plop! Sit’s right down! It’s super-duper endearing!

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