Duck, Duck, Eggs!

They’re here!  What we’ve been waiting for: the ducks are laying, hallelujah!  We’ve had many ducks over the years, but the Blue Indian Runners that we now own have been the most mysterious and thus far, least productive, of any.  Therefore, how we will rejoice as we whip up your high protein whites and blend your rich yolks into our baked goods from here on out.  We have missed you, duck eggs, and we’re so pleased to have your kind again.  Long may your mommies & daddy run around in the back garden.  In addition to providing us with elegant eggs, perhaps they will inspire us to jog.

You'll need a fast shutter finger to catch us!

9 responses to “Duck, Duck, Eggs!

    • Thank you, Lucy. And I love those silly duckies, too! Yesterday I wished I had a recording of their glee when I gave them more fresh hay. Happy ducks = a lot of quacking!

    • You are welcome and so happy to hear that! Drop by any time – it is good to know joy from Southern Vermont is going out into the world. We’re blessed to be able to do what we do and this way of sharing our blessings is an additional bonus:-)

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