I count to 12 at least a dozen times a day,

Shetland Sheep

because it is lambing season and I have 12 sheep.  Six are pregs and so I put everyone in the first pasture every morning so that I can throw an eye on them at any time from the house and count heads.  One, two, three, four….til I’ve hit 12.  If I don’t count to twelve, I spy into the corners, around the obstacles, all to make sure that I haven’t overlooked anyone. I double-check the pregnant ewe count and if one of the six is MIA, I throw on my boots and barn coat, grab my camera and my phone and run out the back door.  I arrive at the barn, huffing and puffing, and hustle into the aisleway calling sing-songy, like I always do, “Is someone having a baby?”

I am greeted by sheep, eating hay, that baah in reply.

Still no lambs.

3 responses to “I count to 12 at least a dozen times a day,

  1. Oh, darling, you have courage! You go, girl! Puts me in mind of a friend, a staunch amazing woman, in my old rural neighborhood back in Oklahoma. She had calves, and every year at calving season, she was up all night. She could pull calves! Why is it that it is always cold for calving, lambing, foaling season? I used to breed my mare late, because I liked her to give birth in a nice grassy pasture. 🙂

    • Ooooh, I’ve dreamed of having foals! But my next adventure will be having my goats bred so that I can milk them and I am sure that will keep me plenty busy!
      I’ve bred my sheep later in years past to have May lambs, but this year I really needed to return my flock to “normal” which meant sans-Ram, before winter socked us in. That meant that I bred earlier so I wouldn’t have to winter him(which translates to him bashing and crashing the barn -he didn’t play well with others 🙁 ! )
      Will keep you tuned as-the-lamb-turns!

      • What adventures! I think most people do not understand how strong and destructive any ‘sweet’ sheep can be. My dear gelding could unhook the hook and chain around the gate and set himself free, all with his nose. He watched how it was done, and did it. 🙂 Just when you think: “They won’t do that,” they do.

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