Living Again

Like night and day, I’m telling you.   It’s as though I was dead, I swear to God.

Max, displays how I've been feeling these past 5 months.

 Weather-wise we’ve had a real stew these past few weeks, ranging from snow and ice-storms to mild temps and plunging thermometers.   I’m only getting about 4.5 hours of sleep a night.  My workload has actually increased these days.

But I’m popping out of bed in the early morning, raring to go, as though I’d slept 8 hours.

I ask of you, has anyone else noticed a change?  There is no other reason that I can explain the return-to-Tammy phenomenon except for the increase in daylight.

This morning there was a bird chorus, different from the solo performances I’d listened to since November.   I skitched,  I ran and sang around in my backyard carrying buckets to critters for their early morning feeding and thought I’d even go for an ice skate on the pond if I could squeeze it in before driving my daughter to school.  All of this from the same farmer gal that has been merely going through the motions since November.  As though I’d been walking around with my hood overtop my hat pulled over my ears and, presto!, I just took it all off and can hear and see again!

Heavenly horses, napping in the sunshine.

  I’m so happy I wasn’t deteriorating from some incurable disease, which I was pretty sure was the case.

Vive le soleil!

I was only missing the sun. 🙂

4 responses to “Living Again

  1. No snow or ice here, but since the beginning of the year cloudy day after another. Dreary, dreary. I refused to complain, because last year we had drought and nothing but sun. Still, all of us in this house were getting as dreary as the outdoors. The sun came out– wow! I’m writing, I’m playing chicks, I’m playing with grands!

    • Oh happy day!
      I know, I tend to minimize complaining. I choose to live here! And I love it, but I do get a little jealous when I hear about my friends in warmer climes having milder temps and more sunshine. It’s the actual longer days that are doing it for me, I think.
      Enjoy, CurtissAnn!

  2. Well I picked up on your optimism Tammy, and I’ve been enjoying the chorus of an early Spring as well. I even spotted some Canada Geese flying back north today. Beautiful pic of the cloudy sky!

    • Thank you! I am guessing you are taking some exquisite photos as well! All of the credit for that beautiful sky photo goes to my daughter Charlotte, who has a knack for shooting upwards whenever she has the camera! She loves to photograph clouds and it just occurred to me that she is one to have her head in the clouds as well! 🙂 Happy taste-of-spring to you!

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