On Location

Patricia arranges the top tresses while Marcia studies my manicure as I pet the sheep.

Have you got a camera crew, ready to snap your dazzling candids?  With cell phones, anyone can photodocument these days.  I’m grateful for my phone camera because I’ve enjoyed snagging a shot here or there around the farmyard when my other camera is just not handy.  This pic was taken by my friend Erin when she brought her youngster for a farm visit the other day.  While we were observing the pregnant ewes and our little goat entourage decided to climb all over me, fixing my hair just so, Erin said “Oh!  May I take your picture?  Do you mind?!”

Of course not, but the outcome is that what you see is what you get.  There’s no makeup crew, no costume staff, and my stylists are 6 month old goats.  But these are the kind of pictures I’ll have my children and grandchildren remember me by!

I wish I had more photos of my mom and dad and of my grandparents.  While my computer may bog down with the weight of so many jpegs, it is certainly a treat to purposefully chronicle the days and organize an album for the next generation. A stone in the ground with my name on it is not going to go a long way in inspiring any future little Tammies. However, a grainy cell phone pic just may.

7 responses to “On Location

  1. Oh thank you my friends! It’s not one of those photos I feel is the most flattering, but it certainly is the most ‘real!’ And that’s more important to me and, I hope, to my own daughters. And to my grandkiddoes someday :-).

    • You’re welcome! Glad you got a kick out of it and hope that you have an easy-goat-day!

    • Thanks so much – and I really am happy and just love to share the critters with visitors. So, Erin caught me in a good moment(which most of the moments are, but you know, there’s always a few moments that you’re glad are not on film!)

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