Why I can’t blog tonight -meet the bottle baby, Aisling:

If I could figure out how to type with one hand while supporting a 5 day old lamb with the other, I would.  But for tonight, you’ll have to settle for this photograph and I’ll try to get around to finishing our lambing stories tomorrow.

Peace and warmth from the farm to you.

8 responses to “Why I can’t blog tonight -meet the bottle baby, Aisling:

    • thank you! there were several-she’s such a pretty! she slept in bed with me and she drank 2 whole and 1 half bottle. i’m typing with one hand while she naps…will share the story when i figure out how to steal a little more time!

  1. I’m wondering why this one is on the bottle – did you lose the dam? Being inside isn’t perhaps best for her; she needs to acclimate to outside temperatures. If you’re worried about her getting cold at night consider putting a heat lamp out with her. If you’re concerned about her bonding – no worries there – if you’re providing the bottle she’ll be your best friend forever. Nice picture. How many more ewes remain to lamb? You commented on lambing late. We put our ewes out to breed in mid-October and the first lamb hit the ground within one cycle of 150 days – just about right.

    • Thank you Curtiss Ann! She is healthy and it is working out. Everywhere I go, my little lamb goes too…she is quite the attention-getter!

  2. Yay for little lambies! How did Jim feel about sharing the bed with them?? Your picture is so beautiful. How do you pronounce her name? Wish I could meet them all! Love you guys!

    • “Ash-ling”, because Char thought she looked ash-y on her back and also because she was going for the Gaelic names -her twin’s name is “Seamus!” And Jim slept on the couch that night and I think I can’t really call what I did “sleeping!” But we made it through and she’s adorable! Last night we put her in a little crate for the night and Sarah Jane and Charlotte spelled me for the every-two-hour feedings. She’s sitting right by me now, peaceably in her little crate. Love you, too, Az! Wish I could share this little beauty with you and Nyah!

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