The Rooster Crows

A lot of cackling and crowing near 5ish.  I typically love it.  This morning my head is migraine-y and so I’m not as happy about not being able to fall back to sleep.

I walk downstairs with a spill of dogs underfoot.  I feel like I’m caught in a sluice-way when I wake up and imagine that someday when I’m less nimble, I’ll end up in a heap with several pairs of soulful eyes imploring me to arise and get them some breakfast.  I automatically open the front door and we pour out onto the porch where we collect metal dishes, back inside to be greeted by baa-ing and then to the bin to scoop food into 3 bowls.  Meanwhile, 3 cats alight onto the counter, inviting me to throw a little kibble their way.  Back out onto the porch we go, doing the breakfast dance and I slip back into the house for a minor triumph of “6 down, so many more to go.”  I then warm up some goat’s milk in a pan and funnel it into a bottle for Aisling, the bottle lamb.  She delicately skitters about, occasionally bleating, until I lean to serve her a warm and yummy morning brew.

I try to put the kettle on for my own cuppa in and around this.  By the time I’ve made a bottle, the water is boiling and I let my morning tea steep.

I’ve got this down in 10 minutes or less.  The rest of the chores take me an hour or more, depending on the to-do list, and then I’m ready to start the day.

Happy Saturday, folks!

Ginny & Aisling discussing their morning plans

9 responses to “The Rooster Crows

    • Thank you, Kara! It was a full Saturday, a good Saturday. Hope yours was as well.

    • Thank you, Juli! Hard to resist snapping the shutter when the furry & fuzzy ones are so darn cute!

  1. I so get it. And smile. And know, at the heart, we would not have it any other way. So often my body aches, as it does this morning, and I had to limp out to the chicken house. I remind myself to give thanks for all that I can do. 🙂 Thanks for this lovely picture painted with words.

    • You are welcome! And I appreciate your kind comment, Curtis Ann. Yesterday a friend said to me “you sound like you’re having a good time” in reference to the varied and busy pace. And it is certainly true! My day ended up including a memorial service for a very dear man and it was the most beautiful reminder of so much goodness in life. Gifts galore 🙂

  2. Yup … it ALL sounds very, very familiar. The one detail which you left out (out purpose, perhaps) as the cat barf that you invariably step in, from time-to-time, as you make your way to the kitchen. It always frustrates me, when this happens, to have to put on yet another pair of new, clean, dry, soxs … or worse yet, to have to hang my feet into the bath to clean them for having NOT had soxs on when the unfortunate event happened. D

    • So funny! Don’t you worry about the spelling -at least you’re consistent! And yes, the lovely mine fields, at least once a week, no?! 🙂

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