Kittens and hedgehogs and honeybees, oh my!

Putting on miles and smiles.                                                                                               New goings’ ons with the farm and the fam in the past week and a half:

Giles, 6 weeks old, adopted by one very soft-hearted Tammy when she was actually going to pick up a kitten for a friend of a friend.  Come on, didn’t we all suspect this might happen?  No one should ever send me to pick up a kitten for a friend of a friend!  Husband Jim suggests that we can keep Giles if the goats go.  He’s such a kidder….:-)

Cricket & Giles & Aisling meeting up for the first time.  It took Giles about 4 days to acclimate to the rest of the household menagerie.  He loves everyone and they’re all fine with him, too, except that the older cats are pretending he doesn’t exist.  

Sarah Jane is home for the summer and here she is with her 6 week old hedgehog, “Rosy.”

Rosy eats ground up cat food.  She is nocturnal so her days are pretty quietly spent in her “Moist & Fresh” refrigerator box with cedar shavings for litter, a solid wheel for exercise, and a cat-proof screen covering the top!  Her reaction to new or sudden movements is to extend her quills outward and sort of shiver, making a “teakettle noise”, as Sarah Jane puts it.  It reminds me of when our peacock displays, shimmying and rattling his plumage to intimidate.  Rosy is really sweet and shy right now, though becoming more socialized as the days go by.

We spent three days in Burlington at the Vermont All State Music Festival with Charlotte, one of the 236 choristers.  The music was fantastic, the full days were exhausting for Char, and we were happy to return home to our farm in time for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day was spent retrieving and transferring 6 nucs of honeybees that arrived from Georgia.

Jody, who is also home from college now, was instrumental in helping me to get the bees into their new homes. Here is a fun picture showing the back of his head covered with some honeybee friends and Fig, the peacock, displaying. Life is never dull on Wing and a Prayer Farm! I had Jody kneel near the hives so that I could brush the party off and into their new box.

Bee’s Knees…NOT! What happens when I get stung. Sadly the gal that did this to me lost her life with the stinger. I’m o.k. by now, just super-itchy and still a bit swollen. The inflammation should be gone by the weekend(I hope!)

Hard working honeybees find pollen on our Tree Peonies in today’s sunshine.

Aisling helps me to “skirt” the fleeces on Shearing Day.  Here I am working on Iglesias’ fleece, pulling off any dirty or matted tags around the edge.  I then roll the fleece and sheet up and tie them with baling twine before further processing them.

Fred DePaul has been coming to our farm to help us shear for the past 10 years. He is never short on stories and we always send him home with Chicken Pot Pie at the end of the day.

Gandalf & Yogi in their new summer suits.

Today Indian Blue Runner Ducklings arrived from California Hatchery. We waited and waited on the eggs which I’d salvaged from the abandoned nests in the garden, hoping against hope for life after death where my Blue Runner Ducks were concerned. But after plenty of waiting, there was nothing to show for it except for reeking and spoiled duck eggs. California Hatchery speedily filled an order and these 9 gals and 3 guys arrived in good health.


Just before a fresh salmon dinner this evening, Jim & I wrestled 10 little lambs and gave them their CD & T boosters.  I can happily cross it off the day’s list, put a fresh ice pack on my knee, and bid this day adieu.  

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  1. Oh Tammy, I must come and visit you at some point, looks really exciting all the stuff, but especially the shearing and fleecing and take care with your knee ! warm greetings from the North, finally entering summertime:)

    • Hello my northern friend! Yes, indeed, it is always something and if you ever visit New England we will be sure to give you a tour. Shearing Day never gets old, it is always so exciting to see everyone with their new hairdos!
      Happy summertime to you – enjoy!

    • You are welcome, CurtissAnn! I recently sent some Vermont Bird Fanciers your way, too, to read about Puny and the rest of your chickens. Fun to see how others live life, isn’t it? Thank you for the visit!

  2. All in a days work! And a great day it was…..until tomorrow when you do it all over again continuing to love and live life to its fullest. We are blessed with good health, family, friends, great adventures in life, and many stories to share with future generations to come! (((hugs))) Julie and the Kids at Julie’s Home Daycare

    • (((Hugs))) back, Jewels! Seldom do I wake up and care that I have it all to do again, blessed indeed. Thanks for the visit 🙂

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