Yesterday I visited Char in her summer office.  She plans on being a writer, and for the summer between her Junior and Senior year in high school, she is continuing work on her Great American Novel.

Char decided to convert her childhood playhouse into summer writing quarters and so with a bit of effort and a lot of extension cord, she set up shop.

When I visited her, she offered me bubbles.  So I blew bubbles outside of her office door, commented on the flora and fauna, sang to my goatsies that graze behind her, and, in general, enjoyed the retreat very much.

When SJ got home from her job where she plays with a cash register and sells flowers and vegetables all day, she chatted with us also.  She told us all about the Shade Avoidance Response and why the red/far-red sensors were causing the pigmentation in the Clematis vine that was growing through the roof and into the house’s ceiling.  She loves biology and got very excited about this phenomenon.  It was fascinating.  I wished she’d been my biology teacher when I was in school.

Char is so cool.  I wanna be her when I grow up.

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    • Thank you, yes blessed indeed! I failed to mention that I wanna be like SJ when I grow up, too. She’s equally cool! But then I didn’t want it to turn into a “braggin’ on my kids” post 🙂 But they do mostly inspire me and that is fun to write about! Happy Day to you, Curtiss Ann!

  1. I think the play house makes a wonderful summer office Char! Thank you for letting my kids play in it before you converted it! I hope to someday read your great novels too!

    • 🙂 on Char’s behalf….Julie, she LOVES your kids(and so do I!) She gave SJ the bio on all of them last evening…it will help flesh out the characters better for SJ’s illustrations!

    • Thank you, Jamie! Today she’s sewing, at the kitchen table…dad took her extension cords for a project somewhere! So as soon as we rustle up more extension cords, she’ll be back at it!

      • She’s talented! I look forward to hearing the updates on her projects and the farm. Loved the sheep btw 🙂

  2. fantastic, looks really inspiring, can I be artist in residence for a week ?:) well, I actually plan to build a garden office in our own garden, where both I and my grandson can have fun ! in my age grandkids is the big source of inspiration !

    • 🙂 You are most certainly welcome! And I agree, very inspiring. I love children’s gardens -so many opportunities for whimsy and mystery and contemplative space, too. Here’s hoping your plans can come to fruition soon, Niels!

    • Yup, pretty fantabulous! So ideal…what fun I’ll have, someday, telling my grandchildren about where their mother used to do her writing…!
      Thanks for stopping by, Vince!

  3. Wow, I love the new adventure of the little house! The gardens and clematis look beautiful! Yay for happy summer fun!

    • Thanks, Mar! We miss you! Hope you can come by for a visit soon. Yay for summer fun, indeed!

    • Glad you could drop in for a visit – it’s a nice retreat, no? And the other inspiring place to write and draw and contemplate from is the balcony from our barn. I shall have to post an entry on it some day.

  4. Mom, I call it the Great American Fantasy Novel, not just the Great American Novel. Because that’s boring, and adjectives are fun.

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