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  1. Be strong … be strong. These are the times that try a person’s soul. You’ll be find – they’ll be fine – trust me. It is far better for the ewes (especially in this heat) that you have chosen to wean the lambs before their mothers do. Having lambs off their Moms and on to pasture is best for everyone. Cows and calves are worse – because it’s the Mom that bellows for the baby, not the other-way-around! Another day or so and it’ll be quiet once more. Hang in there. D

  2. Sending hugs. Thank you for this dear post. When reading, I recall when the ranchers would separate out their calfs and cows. The balling could be heard for miles. How lovely that you can cuddle them. You know, I’m discovering that even my chickens want to have me around, find comfort in my guarding, pleasant presence. Amazing.

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