Some days I just want to be a city girl

with an intact pedicure…a pair of shoes that doesn’t have manure on the bottoms…minimal property maintenance or maybe just a flower box or two…public transportation…no roosters crowing or crying lambs

All I can hear today is baa-ing.  My lambs, 10 of them, are crying and crying for their mamas.  My mamas, 6 of them, are crying and crying for their lambs.

Yesterday we de-wormed the flock.  Today we began the weaning.  The mamas are in a far pasture behind the barn; the lambs are in a pasture closer to the house but out of sight of the mamas.  They all can still hear each other.  Everyone can hear them within a 5 mile radius, I’m betting.

Today is not a good day to test me.  I’m a bit frazzled.

In other news, my daughter brought home the reject peaches from the local farm that she works at and I’ve slipped them from their skins and am putting them into pies.  I’ve got a coconut lime cookie recipe going to take to my last photography class tonight.  And there is a lime blackberry cheesecake in the works for tomorrow evening.

As soon as my son Jody gets back from the feed store with some straw, I’ll be mucking the sheep stalls.   Tonight everyone will go into fresh, clean bedding, separately of course.  So they can have a tidy place to cry all night.

I’ll let you know when it’s quiet again.

And no, I don’t really want to be a city girl.

how I look when we’re not weaning lambs

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  1. Cool photo of you. And, who are you kidding … you’d be unhappy without the manure on the bottoms of your boots. Once you’ve been bitten, there’s no going back … and you know it. D

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