Here comes the sun

Top Eleven Reasons to enjoy the hour before 4:30 a.m.:

11. Quiet, time, reading

10. Pouring my first cup of coffee

9. Putting the clean, dry dishes away from the night before and enjoying the empty shelves and sink for just a little while

8. Feeding the dogs, the cats and the chicks, and then sharing in their contentment during their quiet morning slumber afterward

7. The front porch and the cool dawn-before-the-light temps

6. Watering the potted plants

5. Painting my toenails with the chance of them drying before putting boots on

4. Making lists & planning menus

3. The rooster’s “How do you do?” call from the coop

2.The new light on the horizon kissing the day good morning

And the Number One reason I like early mornings:

     the first bird song.

7 responses to “Here comes the sun

  1. With you in spirit at 5:40 wake up–you are way ahead of me. 🙂
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Very convincing! I keep wanting to be an early bird. I did stop my snoozing habit. It only took me 3 days after doing it for years and years. I just had to make the decision. Now, to move the alarm to smaller numbers little by little -more or all at once?

  3. Yes … an early start to the day has always been my habit. Does it reveal the obsessive side of my personality to admit that I get frustrated with the sun for not rising earlier? For the dew not drying more quickly? And, for others (upon whom I depend for help (from time to time)) for not getting up early as well? Truth be told, the early hours of the day are reserved for my morning drive into town for the first, lovely, cup of coffee. The trip into town … and the trip back home … are both part of the tradition. Also, you forgot to point out that the early morning hours are a great time for blogging! D

  4. I bet anyone reading this will want to get up at 4:30 from now on. I have a very large dog who wakes me most mornings with a pounce and a smooch at 5:00 AM sometimes earlier. I prefer he wait at least until 6, but he is quite persistant in getting me up to enjoy the quiet time before the kids rush in, and I must admit I do love watching the sun rise while sipping on a fresh cup of coffee with a great big yellow dog at my feet waiting for another ear scratching. Thank you Tammy for reminding me how special this time of day can be.

  5. I am just catching up with your wonderful blog – still having WP notification problems. I really love this post. Sorry to have lost touch!

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