Hens and kits

It was a very busy morning relocating 20 of our layer hens to True Love Farm which is about a mile from us.  While there, I received 4 unwanted roosters  and enjoyed visiting the pullets we had hatched earlier this year.  I also witnessed the first eggs being collected from the young gals.  Sort of a “full circle” a.m. for me.

new home for 20 of our year old layers

thriving and beautiful pullets which Wing and a Prayer had hatched out earlier in the year

Karen is starting to collect a few new eggs now!

Niska & Wasabi, our barn kitties, also had an outing this morning.  Wasabi had been missing for almost a week and yesterday I was planning her funeral out, in my head, and thinking of making the call to the vets to cancel her appointment when she showed up in the aisleway of the barn, mewing “hello.”  She & Niska are not fond of the cat carrier nor the truck. Collecting them for the ride was a more dangerous endeavor for me than catching 20 chickens.  I had to stalk them in the barn loft, scaling the hay bales and balancing on the beams in pursuit.  I’m covered with cat scratches now, but they’re up to date with vaccinations and that’s what is important, right?

Wasabi surveys the outside of the veterinary hospital from the front seat

Niska, wondering which way is “out.”

4 responses to “Hens and kits

  1. Ha! Trips to the vet with cats are always exciting aren’t they? We have 14 cats and usually do the yearly visit in two waves … 7 cats per sortie! We use a turkey crate to carry the 7-cat-load. Boy, do people give us funny looks, kinda like “OK, here come the Beverly Hillbillies … or Ma and Pa Kettle.” You’re a trooper though for catching Niska and Wasabi at great personal risk! D

    • Oh my goodness, can’t get over 14 cats!

      Thanks for the very colorful commentary 🙂 What a picture you folks must be walking in with Lucky 7 Cats! I was happy to get these two in as every other day one of them may be off on a hunt that means they might not show up at bedtime to be tucked into the tack room. The house cats are less of a challenge to collect, but still, I don’t think any cat likes to go to the vets!
      G’night, Kettle-fam!

    • Thank you, Curtiss Ann! We chicken-gals do have a special bond, no? I agree it would be lovely to be neighbors and share a cuppa. My neighbor and I look forward to tea-on-the-porch in retirement -it’s fun to dream! It’s nice to keep up via the blogosphere, for that we can be grateful!
      Have a wonderful day!

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