Why my (people) house is a mess:

I began my day with the nicest visit from a neighbor and her little one and then sent two of my hens home with them to add to their flock.  After finishing the barn and coop chores, I took 50 photos of the Faverolle chicks and our dog Cricket.

The Faverolles are at that awkward “tween” stage of life, but I love them anyway.

Cricket is my favorite sidekick.

And that’s why I’m not likely to have a tidy home to accommodate our out-of-town guests next week.  It has less to do with my perception of the lack of household help, and more to do with my free-ranging whimsy.

Which would you rather?  Clean closets or gaze into puppy’s eyes?

6 responses to “Why my (people) house is a mess:

  1. Puppy’s eyes! Reminds me of that poem..”Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow for babies grow up much to our sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs and dust go to sleep. I am rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.”

    • Awwww!
      It’s true, they don’t keep. My regularly used excuse has been “If it’s not crying, hungry, sick or tired, then it has to wait.”
      Thanks for the sweet note, Jamie!

  2. Puppy’s eyes trump just about anything else. In any case, if your home was too clean your friends wouldn’t think you were working hard enough about the farm! [Good excuse for not vacuuming the floors.] D

    • Ha! That made me laugh! Alright, let’s hear it for clean straw and swept aisleways as opposed to shiny floors and organized cupboards!
      Thanks so much for the visit-Happy Friday!

  3. fun to read now, waiting for our grown up sons and grandson to arrive next week here in our farmhouse. While my wife and I are fine with sweeping the floors, our urbanized sons (forgetting all the mess they made when they were younger 🙂 now insist on that we get a new vacuum cleaner despite our arguments with it is in the countryside and the sand between the riles risk to disappear !

    • What a really peaceful picture, sweeping the old fashioned way. I always enjoy the quiet rhythm of it, the satisfaction of cleaning the floor. But it does feel as if you could keep sweeping and never get everything! I particularly enjoyed a wood floor we had in our old kitchen that had grooves between the planks that were just right for catching the grit between them!
      But your point of being relaxed about the chores is well taken and I am excited for your upcoming visit with the family! Hope it is wonderful, Neils! Thanks for visiting the farm!

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