Sunday Churchin’

Pies are happening around here.  Though I’d dropped the Farmer’s Market this summer, I picked up a retail market called “Clearbrook Farm which is conveniently 5 minutes away for deliveries.  Lovely folk to work with and the feedback is so far positive.  I’m organizing our schedule and pantry to provide 3-5 days a week’s worth of fresh-baked fruit pies for the summer and exploring potential pie shares as part of their CSA program.

Blueberries, Cherries, Peaches -just some of the fruits we put in our pies.

Pitted 329 tart cherries for 2 pies, yes I counted.

This is the strategy for Pie-Lady. She maps out the locations for about 20 different pies so that she doesn’t forget when she removes them and labels them for market. It is extremely high-tech.

Pies in the oven

Baby pies. (Awwwww!)

Meanwhile the turkey poults and Freedom Rangers are growing like little weeds.  They are happy and healthy, each and every one of them, and for this I am grateful.

Fifty Freedom Rangers – these are our favorite type of meatbird to raise. They really enjoy free ranging and have a great health track record.

Two week old Turkey Poults

Yesterday I celebrated in upstate New York with some of my family on Lake Champlain because son-one had a successful FLW College Fishing tournament with his team-mate and they placed high enough to move onto another tournament held on Lake Philpott in Virginia this coming September. Char-the-fantastic turned our cell phone footage into this great little video.  You will hear my enthusiastic fan-mom sounds in the background.

Virginia Tech teammates David Bryant & Jody White place in the FLW College Fishing Tournament on Lake Champlain. In spite of boat difficulties and white cap waves, they pulled enough Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass to make the Top 5. “Yay!” says a proud mama.

This morning I trundled off to Landgrove, Vermont to sing with my church choir in a wee country chapel that hosts us every summer.  There is neither electricity nor plumbing in this summer sanctuary and it is in my Top Ten of Places to Visit in Vermont if you feel like experiencing New England culture.  A wedding from the day before had it bedecked in white calla lilies and an urn of 600 (!) white roses on a pedestal of marble in front of the building.  Following the spirit-raising, song-filled service, we were invited to help ourselves to a bouquet as we left.  Oh extravagant!

Having been a florist, I completely appreciated the simple beauty and elegance of the floral choices.  I imagine the wedding was divine.  However, I’m partial to indigenous and in-season botanical displays as ironically, this morning, I had picked a large bouquet from my own garden, arranged it and dropped it at our family church en route to Landgrove.  And interestingly enough, also en route, I paused to take in the gorgeous road-side alpine wildflowers that were in bloom.

However, I’m not beneath this beautiful bunch.  I hope this day is good to you and yours. Lastly, if you’re an animal lover like I’m an animal lover, will you add my friend Megan’s kitty “Greta” to your prayers for a safe return to her family?  It is heavy on my mind, of late.

Some of the 600 Roses arranged in front of the Church at Landgrove

The Church of Landgrove

Great Big Windows to bring in the light

Callas from the wedding the day prior

Some pretty morning sky

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  1. Come back to Landgrove any time to visit my idyllic home 😉 I could also give you a personal tour and tell you many secrets and town gossip! (with only 150 residents, privacy is hard to come by!)

    • Oh that is a SUPER invite! You bet I’ll take you up on that offer, Julietta!
      Thanks for the stop-by, dearie!

  2. And I thought I was a busy person. The Church is a gem. Congratulations to all of the poultry and to your son and his buddy! Pies looks great. How do you find time to do it all? Do you sleep? D

    • 🙂 Everyone asks me that. Apparently, I don’t require as much as others. I’ve only recently recognized that I am an energy-bug. I always thought it was simply enthusiasm, but I guess it’s more than that!
      Thank you for the stop-by and glad you enjoyed the photos. It seems like a year ago, though it was just last week! This morning is a pour-down here, much needed rain, and I’m glad I’m not trekking like I was last weekend. Hope you’re getting the precip. as well. Happy Sunday!

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