Conversations With Farm Women, a Celebration of Beauty and Abundance

the Farm Women of Wing and a Prayer Farm

Re-posting -not something we’ve done before but because the very talented Amy Anselmo has put this latest bit together after visiting us here at Wing and a Prayer, we decided it was worthy of sharing on our own site.  

The story gathering project of the Threshold Collaborative is featuring women farmers over the next year or so, “sharing and celebrating the Strength, Beauty and Abundance of our Farms and the Women who work the land.”

It is quite a noble project and we were very honored to have been the second farm featured.

Here is a link to the project, and feel free to have a giggle at my expense when I proclaim our LOVE for chevre:

Conversations with Farm Women

6 responses to “Conversations With Farm Women, a Celebration of Beauty and Abundance

  1. Hmmm … couldn’t migrate to the story … where is it? Tried the project link but couldn’t find you there either! Yikes. I’ll try again later! Cool stuff, congratulations. D

    • Well I’m confounded! I’ve tried it a few times and it works, but I’ll look into it from another computer. Thanks and darn it, sorry to have wasted your time! -T

  2. Ahhhhhhh … got it. Didn’t realize that it was audio! I always have the sound on my machine turned off so I didn’t hear anything. I was expecting TEXT! Geesh. I liked the line about not being able to stop … growing crops and raising livestock … and the recognition of the influence of the strong women in your life. Go girl(s)! D

    • 🙂 Thanks, you’re determined. And I do understand the audio situation. If I didn’t know to expect it, the same would’ve been true for me!
      Not necessarily feeling like it was the most eloquent, but it was a nice opportunity for us to share a little bit of our story. I appreciate your ear, your time, your constructive and kind comments. Thank you.

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