Summer Love

Warning:  If you are a child of mine, don’t read ahead because I will embarrass you well and good.  I know how you cringe from my puns.   You also know how I delight in them.                                                 Love, Mom

Friend M didn’t know how much I love Beta vulgaris when she gave me two beauties from her garden.  Almost weekly we have been benefitting from her family’s green thumb.

Today, friend C and I had much fun in the kitchen with puns and more.

Behold my heart-throb:

Heart beet:

Broken Heart:

Eat your heart out:(Roasted beets, drizzled with a bit of olive oil, sprinkled with herbed chevre, which I also love, if you didn’t already know!)

14 responses to “Summer Love

  1. Oh, honey, you have an adorable mind! What struck me with delight is your expression above–“well and good”. Great description of the smile you gave me.

  2. This post beats all. You sure beat the pulp out of that beet to produce the delicious looking treat. Rhyme and everything – beat that! Coming up with this comment was hard work – I’m beat. D

    • Thanks for the morning guffaw. Thanks for joining in the fun! I’m set up for a stellar day after this jolliness! Have a beatiful(oops) day.

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