Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.  ~Roger Caras

Today Abe is having a hard time standing.  He got up to have breakfast with his cronies, but his back leg gave out from under him and he flopped onto the ground.  No cry, just a soft, brief, wheezy moan.  Honest, soft eyes on mine.

I brought his bowl to him and he ate out of my hands.  Jackie and Cricket inhaled their kibble and skipped over to see what we were doing.  Half-snarling, Abe warned them to give him some space.

After eating his food, with gusto, he lay back and tracked me while I finished the backyard chores.

I’ve given him his daily dose of pain relievers and I’ll just wait on it until he’s feeling like he can support himself.

I’m searching to recollect what he might have done yesterday to trigger the intense pain.  The horse vet was by and brought his adorable 4-year old.  We toured the farm while Char and the vet vaccinated the herd.  The little guy may have thrown a stick or two for Abe, but mostly we cuddled the sheep and goats.  So I don’t think it is an injury-related affliction.

At eleven, this long-legged fellow of ours has certainly slowed down.  We are aware of what to expect as we have coached geriatric pups in the past.

For today, though, I’m patiently awaiting the course of meds to take their effect and see my guy get up and move a little, going through the paces of Saturday-on-the-farm.Image

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  1. Abe sounds like a nice guy. You describe one of the few significant downsides to having, and loving, animals. I am glad to read however that you are ‘aware of what to expect.’ Joanna and I always know ‘they will tell us’ when that time comes round. Until then I’m sure Abe has many fine days ahead – similar to the one in the nice image of him. I just looked at the weather map and it would appear that we are experiencing, now, the rain that is perhaps in your forecast for later in the day or even tomorrow. I hope the front brings a change – we are ready for one – it’s been really sticky here the last while and we and the animals have been quite uncomfortable. Have a great day. D

    • Thanks, D, and I so appreciate your WordPress neighborliness. It’s good to have neighbors that care.

      Abe had a rotten day. My vet, who is also a friend, was on call today and reassured me by telling me it was ok to up some of his pain meds and also that I could have a direct-line to him instead of going through the office. Kindness counts, especially when you’re going through senior moments with your pups.

      We had a whopper of a storm here tonight. Lines down, trees down, wind like anything. I got soaked while I was doing the evening chores. The poor fowl were soaked and befuddled. I’m looking forward to seeing how fresh everything is in the morning. Hope you folks got a little relief down there, that the rain made a stop in your neck of the woods.
      Be well,

  2. Tammy, that is a beautiful photo…which I managed to see even though I had teary eyes. I do hope he is feeling better soon. I think far too often about how I don’t know how I’ll handle my dog’s older age…I do best to NOT think about it. Lovely post, but hope he’s back at it soon!

    • Thank you so much. Abe had a bad day overall. But I am hoping tomorrow is better. I’ll let you know how it goes. He’s not giving up any time soon, that’s for sure, and his appetite is more than reassuring!

    • Thanks Julie. It was a bad day for my wonderful old guy. My vet gave me some good advice to try this evening and we’ll see how it goes.
      Thanks for the stop-by and the comments. It’s so nice to be able to share good and bad times with our WordPress neighbors, isn’t it?

  3. I will keep your sweet pup in my thoughts and prayers in hope that he gets his strength back. It is so hard to watch our pressious pets hurt in any way and not know what to do. Give him an extra hug from me.

      • Thanks, Julie. He seems to have an infection that we’re addressing in addition to his overall lameness. So hopefully an antibiotic will improve his energy and spirits so that limping around isn’t so difficult. So that he can hold himself up long enough to pee 🙁 That would really help his spirits improve. Thanks for the sweet comment and prayers.

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