Putting up with sheep, tomatoes, leeks and accordions


Fall is upon us and over the past week processing chickens, preparing fleeces for sale, putting up produce into the pantry, and fitting in fun leaves not a minute to spare.

We have great friends that enthusiastically pitch in and are equally silly.  Spending hours in the pasture pulling burrs from the Shetland flock, harvesting leeks from the garden, canning tomatoes, tucking the critters in, curling up on the couch for romantic comedies and dancing to impromptu accordion concerts in the kitchen are my idea of a perfect beginning to the autumn season.  Happy Fall, and to my Jewish friends, L’Shana Tovah!

Click HERE for my favorite tomato harvest recipe.


5 responses to “Putting up with sheep, tomatoes, leeks and accordions

  1. Looks like good times are being had by all! “Pulling burrs from the Shetland flock … ?” That’s not good – perhaps it would be easier to pull the offending plants from the pastures! Nice staple and nice color on those fleeces – do you have a market for them? We do not! I just checked in the barn the other day and we have more than 60 beautiful fleeces out there – just getting old – how sad. How do you manage all those rams at breeding? We keep just two intact boys on the place and keep them both ‘busy’ during breeding – looks like you have more than several to have to manage. Anyway – looks like you’re busy, happy, and having lots of good (and very productive) times. I’m glad. Don’t forget to rest. D

    • Thanks for the visit, D! Yes, don’t forget to rest, of course. That’s what I do when I sit in the pasture with those sheepies. They found the only thistle plant in the pasture this past summer and I’ve been wrestling the burrs out of them since. We’ve been fortunate to not have any in all the years we’ve raised them, but fortunately they do not mind the one-on-one sessions to pull burrs.
      No rams. All wethers. That’s how I manage it! I’m pretty much a failure at successfully keeping a ram. By successfully, I mean not destroying the property and getting loose.
      I will “rent” a ram this fall and he will come to the farm for a visit in November. For two months I will manage a ram! I’m set up for just that.
      The fleeces are going to a Northeast Fiber Arts business. They are looking for Shetland fleeces this year. Contact them because they may be interested in your 60! (www.northeastfiberarts.com)
      Have a wonderful farm-week,

  2. I just get so much joy from reading this latest post and seeing all the beautiful photos. I’m glad you had an accordion but with so much vocal talent in that kitchen I hope there was some singing as well. Thanks for my morning meditation.

    BTW, the link to your favorite tomato recipe seems not to be working.

    • Thanks so much for the “visit”, Mark. Yes, you called it, there is plenty of singing as well. As you can see, we mix our business with pleasure around here. Blessed that I can do so.
      I’ll check my link. Not sure what’s up. Hopefully a temporary glitch.
      Peace and enjoy your Tuesday,

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