On to the ring of day

Driftwood is burning blue, wild walk the wall shadows
Night winds go riding by, riding by the lochie meadows
On to the ring of day, flows Mira stream singing:
Caidil gu la laddie, la laddie. Sleep the dark away

Close by Beinn Bhreagh‘s stream, wander the lost lambies
Here, there and everywhere, everywhere their troubled mammies
Find them and bring them home, sing them to sleep singing:
Caidil gu la laddie, la laddie. Sleep the night away

Daddy is on the bay, he’ll keep a pot brewin’
Save us from tumbling down, tumbling down to rack and ruin
Pray Mary send him home, safe from the foam singing:
Caidil gu la laddie, la laddie. Sleep the stars away
Caidil gu la laddie, la laddie. Sleep the stars away.

-Cape Breton Lullaby, lyrics by Kenneth Leslie

Recently, Char & I had tripped northward for some college visits.  She is very interested in Celtic Studies and there are some comprehensive programs in Nova Scotia universities.  This post is simply to share the scenery.  We saw a minimum of 6 rainbows along the way and I’d wished there’d been a way to capture the surreal event of driving through a glimmering rainbow!  The road, the car, the dashboard, the AIR was shimmering and glittering and it was akin to spirit walking.

The wipers were off and on, off and on for the entirety of our trip and it made me feel we were on the “Island of Hegg” out of “The Decoy Bride”, a favorite British romantic comedy of mine.

There is a song that my girls and I love, “Cape Breton Lullaby”, and so, of course, on our Nova Scotia bucket list was to find “Mira Stream” to sing – which we did.

While in Antigonish, NS, we helped to round up a mama and her baby Alpaca to go off with their new owners at the “Azelia Farmhouse”

This little one had just been born 5 days earlier to her mama and they stood off and out of the way during the round up.

Rainbows over Nova Scotia Highway 104

the inland sea, Bras d’Or Lake, on Cape Breton

looking back to the south over Brad d’Or Lake on Cape Breton –

Cape Breton’s coastal city Sydney has a very popular, but tiny, downtown and the queen street of it all is “Charlotte St.”, where we, of course, posed Charlotte!

Mira Bay, Cape Breton, NS

Mira “Gut” -bridges to the “gut” of the Mira River before it flows into the bay.

Sea Grass on Mira Beach

Sea flowers on Mira Beach

St Anns Look Off Cape Breton Nova Scotia is on the Trans Canada Highway on Cape Breton Island. Situated on the north side of the westbound lane is a look off overlooking St Anns Bay. From here you can see the beginnings of the Cabot Trail, the Englishtown ferry and the magnificent Cape Breton Highlands.

positioned across the street from “Lickatreat” and “Tim Horton’s”, this pillar sat silently awaiting the rush of summer patrons. We were satisfied just viewing the establishment. We’ll take a rain check on the vittles, thanks.

You’ll find what I thought was so exciting about this on your own, I think…

Crepes with bananas and Nutella at the Naked Crepe Bistro in Wolfville, NS

Lobster is king in Nova Scotia -here is the parting look in Halifax

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  1. We have always wanted to get to PEI and believe that this summer will be the summer we actually do it. We’d like to see it via bike – what do you think? Celtic studies huh? Sounds interesting – does she really have to go that far? Seems like a long way from home! But … come to think of it perhaps not that far off from VT? There’s certainly lots of nice scenery … you must have seen sheep up there? Beautiful place – I’m all for Nova Scotia. Go for it Char! D

    • Definitely get yourselves up there. And yes, biking would be an excellent way to take it in. We intend and hope to go back, now that we’ve been, whether Char goes to school there or not. She found so many great programs of study, but she’s not entirely sure where she’s going to land. She’ll be sending applications out far and wide. How I wish she’d settle for Bennington College, in our backyard(she could bike there!), but of course, she wants a little more of an adventure than that! Anyway, wherever she goes, that will be one more place for we, as parents, to get to visit!
      You know, I didn’t see ONE sheep up there! I thought the place might be crawling with them! Lots and lots of dairy farms, beautiful vineyards in Antigonish(rather a fertile crescent there on the backside of the Bay of Fundy), highlands were really beautiful and more barren. No sheep. I thought they’d be a shoo-in. Especially since there are lots of woolen products and I visited a yarn shop to look for local wool. Nothing.
      So maybe you’ll go up there and start a sheep farm?
      🙂 Thanks for the visit to the blog/farm. Always so kind of you to pause to chat.

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