Care a little?

To my Mother
by Robert Louis Stevenson
You too, my mother, read my rhymes
For love of unforgotten times,
And you may chance to hear once more
The little feet along the floor.

This is not so much about the farm.  Sometimes I just write for therapy’s sake.

I just read “Girl on the Contrarys” post about her Thanksgiving kickball game and how her Grammy didn’t play this year.  Also about how her Grammy gave her the blessing to go ahead and blog about her if she wanted to.  Girl is plucky and honest and her posts make me smile or giggle regularly.

I had to tell Girl that I was a wee bit jealous because my mom, my kids’ “Grammie” (note we use an “ie”-ending) hasn’t read my blog and doesn’t care to, that I know of, either.  Her internet connection/computer is pretty awful.  That would be a huge contributing factor.  But also, I’m pretty sure it just doesn’t interest her.

I don’t think it is mature for me to rant.  Being a parent myself, I realize there is no way you can be perfect.  Everyone is doing their best in any given moment.  That’s what I believe.

My mom is awesome and everyone that knows her loves her to pieces.  She’s jolly and sweet and loving.  She’s funny and says hilarious things.  She works like a dog.  She loves to cook for people(hmmm, who else do I know like that?!)  She’s sometimes pops off onto some unrelated subject and we all stare at each other wondering….butterfly.

She taught me a lot about frugality and being homespun and Yankee ingenuity.  She taught me how to save every container to re-use.  She taught me how to haul off our recycling to the recycling place down the road when we lived in California.  She worked at North American Rockwell during the Apollo Lunar program while raising 5 kids. She breastfed all her babies during the heyday of formula.  She travelled alone across the U.S. more than once with the 5 of us when we were all miniature and troublesome, my sister and I in our matching homemade pinafore dresses(that matched her own homemade dress), lest we get lost.  She taught me to can and to freeze and to save. She can flute a pie like nobody’s business.  She is fiercely competitive.  She’s fascinated by the weather and competes to “top” ours/anybody’s whenever possible.  She ran off and married my dad in Las Vegas.  She’s boasted to me at being engaged 3 times(I’m not too sure that’s anything to boast about.)  She undid all my knitting, and still does, whenever I couldn’t get it right.  Then she’d re-knit it all for me. (Side note:  I’m still a horrible knitter.)  She doesn’t play kickball, like Girl‘s Grammy does, but she does play badminton.

She taught me about my ancestors.

I think I wish that she would blog.  I’d definitely read her posts.

It’s quite likely that if I care that much that my mom read my blog, I simply need to ask her to do so.  She would if she knew that it meant that much to me.

That being said, I have no problem vowing to read my kids’ blogposts.  Even if my eyes were to glaze over because I couldn’t get past technical jargon or their interests were(are) vastly different from my own.  I’m pretty sure I could learn something from reading what they’re passionate about, even if I already knew it.  Not to mention that I actually DO love to read my kids’ blogposts.

Above all, I’m thankful that I have my mom still.  Really, who cares if she doesn’t read my blog.  She’s a busy gal.

But for all you Oprah fans out there, WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE:

Grammie would rather I call her up and talk to her ANY day, than read about what is up in our life online.

Love you, mom!

Grammie demonstrates excellent “fluting” technique to SJ & Char

11 responses to “Care a little?

  1. Hey … BOTH my in-laws are very much the same. But in their case I’m sure it’s that nothing is more important and more interesting than their lives, concerns, and cares. Neither could be bothered reading the less important thoughts of others. [Do I sound bitter? You bet ya.] In the case of your own Mom, it sounds as if she might have a case of computer-internet-phobia. Maybe you could purchase her a nice, easy-to-use, net-book for the upcoming Holiday. See that she has a good internet connection. And then take an afternoon, over tea and cookies perhaps, to show her (very slowly) how to access your blog. I think once older folks see that they really can do it – they feel more comfortable with the whole internet thing. Just my two cents. By the way … your Mom looks like a real ‘character.’ Someone with spunk! D

    • ‘Spunk’ is the word! She’s hilarious and we have a lot of laughs together. The netbook idea is BRILLIANT! I can just see her on the sidelines of her little grandkiddoes’ games, checking email, reading the latest, provided she has a connection. I think she would love it! Thanks for the super idea. And regarding the bitterness, no, I didn’t detect a stitch of it…;-) But really, how could they not enjoy your’s and Joanna’s gorgeous blog? Their loss, sadly. Thanks for the stop by – bitterly chilly out this a.m. and the animals just have tundra for grazing. Glad we’ve got a hayloft full of hay…

  2. A marvelous post! I envy you a bit, yes, I do–you are blessed with women of substance in your life, of which you are one. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thanks, Curtiss Ann, for the kind comment. And yep, you’re in the “Woman of Substance in My Life” category, too! Happy Wednesday!

  3. I loved reading all about your mom. Thanks for sharing! And your way with words came through yet again in this post. Especially poignant during this seasons of blessings. Sharing on my FB page. 🙂

    • Aww, thanks so much Danielle! You’re always so generous to me. I am glad you enjoyed your visit to the farm and your introduction to my mom 🙂 Thanks for sharing on your FB page, too, that will help me understand better the increase in “traffic!”

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