Frost Flowers

December Pond

Waiting for snowfall. It is in the forecast for today or tomorrow. The buckets are all frozen in the mornings, the ground is hard and noisy underfoot as I run the sheep and goats out to their pastures. The horses are frisky about having more hay, please. The pond is developing a thin layer of ice (that hopefully develops into a thick layer of ice for some holiday skating parties!)

Tomorrow I will listen to beautiful children’s voices, raised in song at the Old First Congregational Church in Bennington, Vermont. We will have candles to illuminate the service. It will be warm inside, packed with people coming together for a traditional December event here in Southern Vermont.

We’re all broken hearted for the Newtown, CT community. For some reason I just want to see things like flying birds, starry skies, blossoms on trees…December crystals will do.
Crystallized Goldenrod


6 responses to “Frost Flowers

  1. thank you Tammy once again for your beautiful way of seeing the true beauty in God’s creatures and creation. You are a gift to so many.

    • You’re welcome, Kathy. You’re a kindred spirit – I do miss you ’round these parts. Whenever you’re my way, look me up so we can pet some sheep together(minus the rough Ruva that likes to frighten toddlers! She’s still here, but I’ll send her the other way, first!)

  2. Yes … it’s been a tough day here as well. When you finally have people figured please drop us an email and tell us what they’re all about … at the moment, we’re at a total loss. The very sad thing is that unlike Dr. King, the Kennedys, Gandhi, President Obama, and many others – I do not believe we will ever change. How dark the thought to believe that it will always be this way. Surely there will be better, and even very good, moments – but, in a general and overarching way, we’re not a very well adapted species … and we all know what happens to them in the long run. D PS: Very sorry to be so negative … tomorrow is another day. Enjoy the young voices tomorrow.

  3. Thanks, D, because you take the time to read and comment so thoughtfully. It is a kindness and it’s o.k. to be upset. I cope by shutting out the negativity. My brother wrote a blog post today in which he is equally upset and ranted because he’s concerned about violence and how desensitized the population has become. My son has a brighter view of the future without war, though his thesis projects several, several generations before it would be true. Many ways to be. I have a lot of respect for political leaders that preach peace. They just have to believe in it.
    No snow today but got a thousand chores done with the sun shining. It is coming tomorrow afternoon, I believe, which is typical. We always seem to get a snowstorm for the Old First Church gig! Hope you all have some brightness in your day tomorrow. Looking forward to more of those gorgeous photos.

  4. Darling, how grateful I am for your presence here in the blog-spere. I heal, too, with nature. Thank you for the reminder to share healing. We are warm again today, like a summer morning! Hope for rain. It will rain, it will snow, the sun will return. It always does.

    • Thank you, Curtiss Ann. Seems I overlooked this some time ago! Just figured out how to retrieve it from my comments – I’m not keeping up with WordPress so well these days 🙂

      Nature, season, winter, spring, etc. – all so beautifully arranged. Love how every single thing is significant.

      Thank you for your sweet and thoughtful comments, as always.

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