Healthy & Happy New Year

Greetings from Cricket
Today, a Farmer Tam toast:

May you avoid colic, Coggins-disease, hoof-rot, hookworm & whipworm, mites, lice, fleas, ticks and all of the other ailments we’ve either read about, vaccinated against, or actually had to treat in our own flocks and herds. May you avoid cranky stall-mates, annoying flies, obnoxiously loud baaah-ing, greedy herd-mates, and pecking-order fouls.
Ducks in a Row

All health & happiness in 2013 to you, our friends. Tra-la-la!
Going in

16 responses to “Healthy & Happy New Year

    • Yes, they are! Thank you! I’ve been going around with my phone, snapping along, and a lot of the time the shots are blurry! I try, but I’m pretty sure it’s that I’m not holding the phone steadily enough. It makes a huge difference when I use my regular camera – much clearer. But thanks, yes, we have a very charmed and blessed life – it’s like living in a postcard, here in Vermont! Thanks for the visit!

    • My cell phone photos usually include my finger over the lens, not to mention mine are also usually pretty blurry.
      I have been looking thru some of your older posts, it truly is like a postcard!!
      Btw, your chestnut seems a tad bit skinny in that last photo 😛

      • Thanks! And re:chestnut, I’m going round and round with my daughter because she says Izzy is getting fat! And I’m always defending her, saying it’s her winter coat! Thanks for looking out for my ponies – I appreciate your kindness toward animals! The only horse we have that gets thin around here(in the winter) is our Paint – so we actually have his rations doubled for wintertime.
        Happy New Year, happy cell phone photo snafus!

    • Happy New Year to you, also, Julie! (It’s already Jan. 2 there – I hope it is going well!) Thanks for visiting the farm! I look forward to many wonderful posts from you in 2013!

  1. I appreciated your list of maladies … done like a true Farmer! Isn’t it interesting that our families worry about such things. I have wished you a very Happy New Year elsewhere … but I’ll do it again here. I hope 2013 holds much joy for you and yours. D

  2. Thank you! Thank you for the many farm-visits and sensational feedback! Let’s hope, for both of our farm’s sakes, that it is a healthy farm year in 2013!

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    • That is such a sweet sentiment. Oh, Curtiss Ann, I wish my biddies could be with your flock right now…it was 11 below this a.m., and all of their eggs were frozen in the nesting boxes!
      Happy New Year!

      • Eggs frozen in the nesting boxes?! I had no idea. Can you still use them? I mean, do they just thaw out fine? It is amazing that they keep laying. I have been told that chickens maintain a body temp around 103*, so they take cold weather better than hot. Do you know if this is true?

        • Yes, they do indeed freeze if it’s so very cold and the hens don’t sit on them. But they’re fine as they eventually defrost(talk about keeping them fresh!) They might have a more watery consistency, we hardly notice when we use them.

          Our birds do manage fine, we give them extra bedding and food. They just don’t like snow on their feet so much…so they stay in more! Counting the days to spring!

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