Sprouting & Plunging

Coming up this week:

Bitter cold weather, annual Penguin Plunge to raise money for Vermont Special Olympics, and, drumroll….

my tomato & cilantro seedlings!    They’ve sprouted!!!!!!!


This is the year of my 3rd plunge, my daughter’s 4th, and yes, we are crazy.  Click here if you want to support Team Healing Waters, and, well, we are grateful to you and you rock.  And also, if you’ll just keep us in your warm thoughts on Saturday, we’d be grateful to that as well.

Here are some photos from the past couple of plunges – we dress up in costumes with our Youth Group to take the edge off the cold, as if it helps:

2010 Plunge

2010 Plunge

Penguin Tam 2011

Penguin Tam 2011

Team Healing Waters 2012Team Healing Waters 2012

2012 Plunge

2012 Plunge

Viking Tam 2012 PlungeViking Tam 2012 Plunge

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    1. Thanks, Niels, I’m pleased you enjoyed our salute to the Nordic culture! It was my daughter’s idea, last year, to dress as Vikings. The helmets were not the easiest to craft, but it sure was fun singing “Hojotoho!” at the tops of our lungs as we entered the water! (Just kidding, only one of us was singing it 🙂 ! )

  1. OMG … you’re both totally NUTS. I’m always the last into the water during the summer! I even have to have the shower in full hot for a finite amount of time before stepping in. My heart is racing just looking at the images and thinking about it. OMG … you’re both totally NUTS. D

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