Last Chance

February 1st – woohoo!  My favorite month of all.  It’s my birthday month, and my son’s birthday month, and many good friends’ birthday month, and it’s President’s Week month, and it’s February Vacation month(for the secondary & elementary schools around here) and it’s the month for Valentine’s Day!

Speaking of love…Orin the Shetland ram is going back to his home, Ewe Rock Farm, tomorrow.  He’s been a gorgeous stud here, hanging out with my breeding group of 6 Shetland ewes, since December 1st.  I gave him the word tonight that it was his last chance for love, cranked up the Donna Summers, and dimmed the barn lights.

That means we should be expecting lambs from May 1st and on.

However, I may have indicated in past posts about the couple of wethers(neutered male sheep) that turned out to not be wethers when we were shearing last October.  My shearer helped me to “re-wether” the little randy-rams, but likely they had already been loving on the ewes in September and up until then.

Which means there may be lambs soon now, and by the looks of my matriarch, Maggie, way before May!

Enjoy these lovely Orin-photos.  I know for sure that he and Winky are going to be proud parents, I just don’t know if he’ll be daddy to the other ewes’ kiddoes.  If you have questions, feel free to send them to me.  I’ll be happy to answer about my inept animal husbandry skills…

Michael Carver's Shetland rams at Ewe Rock Farm

Michael Carver’s Shetland rams at Ewe Rock Farm in November, Orin on the right

Orin -this guy has Swag

This guy has swag


December 1, 2012 -he loved the girls immediately


Orin & Nikki, wishing for more graham crackers, please


Orin taught the girls about graham crackers, which they wouldn’t touch before he came on the scene

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    • Thank you, on his behalf, they suit him! I was impressed at first by the size/weight of what he has to carry around all of the time. He never uses them in a threatening way. He is very, very kind.

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