Seeing Shadows

Happy Groundhog Day!

Who saw a shadow today?

The closest thing we have that comes to a groundhog around here is Rosie, our hedgehog.

Rosie, clean as a whistle after her bath

Rosie, clean as a whistle after her bath yesterday

As you can see from the photo, there is a bit of a shadow.

Today I celebrated Groundhog Day by attending a Beekeepers course at Betterbee, a local supplier in nearby Greenwich, NY.  It was a daylong gathering of beginner beekeepers in which we had 6 hours of tutelage in everything from honey and candles to Varroa mites and Chalkbrood.

Keeping bees is my sunny side.  Whether they’re producing or not, they delight and fascinate me.  I also feel strongly about protecting honeybees and their habitats and promoting beekeeping.  I’m also spoiled by local honey.  I’ll never go back.  It’s just like becoming accustomed to eating your own hens’ eggs, or your neighbors’ hens’ eggs.  You experience a delicious complexity in local honey.

So for me, the day was sunny.  That doesn’t translate into me thinking we’re in it for six more weeks of winter.  I know we are.

This is Vermont!

5 responses to “Seeing Shadows

  1. I think I remember Rosie from last year. I am being careful not to show this image to Joanna … a hedgehog is something she’s always wanted. I understand what you had to say about the bees … the same could be said about farm-raised chicken, lamb, pork, beef, and eggs. Once you’ve tasted those greener pastures there’s no going back. As for bees .. we’ve only got two hives at the moment, one didn’t go into winter in very good shape and I don’t believe it’ll make it. I don’t believe you have ever had much trouble keeping your hives over winter – you’re lucky. Have a great week. D

    • It’s true, Joanna will certainly be smitten with a peek at Rosie. We enjoy her so much. Never had an easier pet, I’ll tell you.
      The beekeeping workshop was great -first time I’ve been to one. I’m self-taught over these last 5 years and I have had only a little bit of mentoring. So it was a great immersion and yes, I had plenty of questions.
      I had one bad year when I lost all but one of my hives. Mostly they’ve been strong going into winter, somehow, despite my bumbling, they manage well. But now that I’m fresh off of the workshop, I’m just dying for spring to get underway! I’ll have to wait, of course.

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