Haikus along 81

Just back from a visit to my son in Virginia for a few days.  Mommers had  loaded up the car with frozen Shepherd’s‘ Pies, Turkey Soup, Beef Barley Soup & Pot Pies for college-kid’s freezer, a few birthday presents & a cake(well, it was actually a trifle.)  Headed south for 11 hours of driving with Abe and bestowed the goods upon the birthday boy. Had a really nice visit, got to guest-star on his & Jesse’s Schultz’ podcast show, took a great hike up to Cascade Falls of Western Virginia, laughed our heads off watching Seinfeld episodes (a requirement for a class he’s taking), and outfitted his kitten, Smallie, with a halter to train him for potentially being walked on a leash someday.

Doesn't everyone bring their stand mixer to visit their son?

Doesn’t everyone bring their stand mixer to visit their son?


Into the Mountain Laurel Grove – this must be gorgeous in the springtime


Jody & Abe alongside one of the pools on the hike to Cascade Falls


Smallie with his new halter -conditioning him to wearing it so that Jody can take him on walks eventually.

On my way north again, I seemed to be churning out the haikus.  If you follow me on Facebook, you may know that I’ve a penchant for haikus and often craft them to describe our latest happenings.  They’re not necessarily great haikus -none to compare to my friend Kelly, a haiku-goddess, that originally inspired me. Nonetheless, here they are:

  • Bluebird morning skies
  • Crisscrossed tic-tac-toed contrails
  • Short term graffiti
  • Skyscraper-tall poles
  • Posting roadside signs aloft
  • Shout “Pick me! Pick me!
  • Weigh Station ahead
  • Big Rigs line up for the scales
  • Keeping their shoes on
  • Tri-Cross plantings grow
  • South of the Mason Dixon
  • Wait…where’s Calvary?
  • Silos, corn cribs, cows…
  • Rude billboard interruptions;
  • “Adult Store Exit”
  • Cop must be ahead
  • Brakes light up like dominoes
  • Pious drivers creep
  • Lebanon, P A
  • Cow pond with basketball hoop
  • I’d like to see that!
  • Road food makes no sense:
  • Chai & pastry breakfast, lunch,
  • “Bugles” for dinner.
  • Turbine sentinels
  • Spinning Schuylkill County breezes
  • Coal Miner Angels
  • Adirondacks rise
  • 2 & a 1/2 hours North,
  • then east to V T
  • Familiar north woods
  • Relief replaces fatigue
  • Snowy, colder, Home.
  • Billboard pollution:
  • You don’t miss it at all if
  • Home is in Vermont.
  • Heart Warming Welcome Home

    Heart Warming Welcome Home


9 responses to “Haikus along 81

  1. I couldn’t help myself but to read the blog. I only wish I knew where you got all the energy from.

    • Aww, thanks Lucy! I get these “energy” comments from time to time…funny thing is I only recently realized that I have a lot of energy. Up until then, I thought everyone was like me! But now, when my kids make the comments “Mom, you have so much energy!”, I realize that it is more than typical!
      But I like a down-day every now and again, just like everyone!
      Thanks so much for reading. Was thinking of you the other day, when I first knew you backstage at OTW and what a patient and good mother you were, with your beautiful Heather on stage…

    • Thanks, D! Boy was I thinking of you and Joanna back and forthing through your home state! Had a bout with a stomach virus, unfortunately, that set me back a day. Originally set out for home and had to turn around one hour into the trip when I knew there was NO way I’d be able to drive 11 hours in that condition.
      The animals, indeed, missed me. Today my youngest dog is attached to my ankle, wherever I go, just in case I get a notion to take off again!
      Char did the heavy work in the barn, thankfully, and the weather is slightly milder today for catch-up.
      I needed a break after all of that excitement a couple weeks ago!
      Gandalf, the de-horned wether, has one sort of oozy-opening which concerns me. I think he’ll be o.k., but I’m glad I’m catching it now.
      Thanks for the stop-by!

  2. There’s a farm lesson in there for ya … if you live on a farm … ooze happens. Glad all was well and under control when you got back. Sorry to hear about the stomach-thing … Joanna and I are both recovering from really horrid head colds. D

  3. Visits to see our children are the best! But home alwas awaits your return….hope you get to enjoy a down day to be sure that nasty virus has past! Loved all your haikus too!

  4. Thanks, Julie! So nice of you to always stop by the farm and to leave me comments! I am on the mend from the virus, but oh was it horrendous for the time I had it! And the timing couldn’t have been worse, except it’s a good thing I made the decision to turn around when I did! And still had options for Abe…travelling with pets, you just don’t pull over and take care of yourself, right?
    Hey, we put the ewes in their separate pens tonight….who knows when the lambing will start! 🙂

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