Flying. Nuns.

Yesterday a friend and goat admirer stopped by while I was doing morning chores.  I was bundled to the nines, it was bitter in the a.m. and the morning barn is a cold barn.

Funny thing is that the evening beforehand I was having a great time mocking the commercials about some sort of cosmetic surgery to reconstruct your chin/neck to reveal a more youthful image to the world.  The point of the ad was that the sagging neck was unsightly, ugly, made you less than perfect and life was hardly worthwhile if you could fix it all with a new, younger neckline.  I mocked the ad so much that Char started giving me stern looks that it was quite enough, Mom.

Anyway, I never intended to be so moved as to remedy my own “sagging neckline” with my wooly neckwarmer this a.m., but the souvenir photo my friend sent along to me this evening had me in giggles.  I realized I was effectively combatting the cold while simultaneously “improving” my look!

I hope you can laugh along with me.  In the end, I just think a nun’s habit would do the trick as well.

Patricia & Farmer Tam

Patricia & Sister/Farmer Tam

But let’s talk about Patricia.  She is my beautiful mixed Nubian yearling doe.  She & her stall mates, Lucia & Marcia, love attention.  Of late, the goats have to stay inside because I need to do some fence repair on their pasture.  Waiting for a break in the weather, and after hearing this weekend’s forecast, it will be a few more days.

Patricia somehow managed to leap out of the window of their stall in the afternoon after I’d locked things up in the barn.  Or so I thought.  In the evening, Jim discovered her in the locked, (or so I thought), tack room, chowing down on the bin of sheep grain.  I did an extra evening check to make sure she wasn’t suffering from her overindulgence, and she sprightly jumped up onto the stall door to give me a hello,  just as she had in the morning.  She was as round as a barrel, but fine.

Jim did a special tie-job on the stall door/window, hopefully foiling attempt #2.  But hey, if these guys have learned how to fly, I’m banking on God to lend me a hand.

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    • Oh I’d like to see that! Your goats have presence, too. I can just picture fat bellies, full of pears. Thanks for the visit, M. Always a sunnier day when you’re in it!

  1. Such a sweet story! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – you live a charmed life, Tammy! (And yes, your neck looked so very elegant – you’ll be getting calls to do pearl necklace commercials in no time!)

  2. Having internet connection glitches this morning. Want to tell you I nod like crazy at your assessment of the tv ad. Add to that the message that life is not worth living if one does not dye her hair. Love the photo of you and your dear goat. Such a life is life in abundance! xxxxooo CurtissAnn

    • Thank you for the visit, Curtiss Ann, and thank you for the reinforcement! Best to be positive, and laugh at the ridiculous media. Patricia, my goat, is feeling fine tonight!

  3. Goats can certainly be little Houdinis can’t they? They have the ability to drive one crazy too with their antics. I’m glad Patricia suffered no ill after effects of her adventure. Silly animal. D

    • Silly animal for sure. She’s fine tonight. I’m really impressed by their intelligence. I let them have free time when I’m out there doing chores. But if I were to let them have run of the place, they’d end up eating too much of something they shouldn’t! They’re very, very imprinted on me and so as long as I am in the barn, they are within a few feet at all times.
      Have you read “Goatsong” by Brad Kessler? The author doesn’t live very far from here, and he really nails the behaviors.
      Thanks for the visit!

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