Forty eight

Happy Birthday, indeed!

Beside myself at this point in the day, that is what I am. An abundance of beautiful, heartfelt wishes were delivered to me, either electronically, by phone, in photographs, on felt, in craft foam, pre-printed on boxes of flowers from Fed-Ex, in boxes of chocolate covered cherries, gingersnaps and homemade lemon sauce, and in glittery card creations and homemade watercolored postcards.

Additionally, I was given unique presents like none I’ve ever received before:

-A yearlong gift subscription to Red Heart the Tickers Songs in the Lunar Phase project came in my email.  Tyler Gibbons & Robin MacArthur live in MacArthur’s grandmother’s original 1805 farm-house in Southern Vermont.  They’ve preserved Margaret MacArthur‘s recorded Vermont folk music collection as well as continuing the family tradition of recording their own original pieces.  Their stories are special to me, connected to my own coveted experiences of singing with my daughters, my passion for music of all types, and rural Vermont life.

-An mp3 of “Happy Birthday”, recorded by a friend on his vibraphone, especially for me.

-Flowers, flowers, flowers.  Which, at this time of year, I am so missing.

-An entire day spent with my youngest, sewing and crafting during a most precipitous storm outside.  (Her school cancelled because there was quite a bit of ice and snow in the upper elevations -yay,  Snow Day!)  This, this was all the gift I needed. (I’m lying a bit here, because how I would have loved to have had my other two children home as well.)

-Healthy livestock.

-Sweets of all sorts. Oh GLORY.  I’m set for the long haul.

-Last, but not least….I did NOT get sheep pajamas from Jim.

Which he always gives to me.

Long story short, they’re outrageous.  And I’m set for life, thanks.

Nope, no sheep pajamas this year.

Instead, I got THIS!

Wow!  It's our logo on a VEST!

Wow! It’s our logo on a VEST!

NOT sheep pajamas!!!!!

NOT sheep pajamas!!!!!

14 responses to “Forty eight

  1. Thanks, Julie! I was truly shocked! I had no idea that I was going to get this. Apparently Jim has ordered t-shirts, too! The printing/embroidery company did an almost perfect likeness of Sarah Jane’s art – so much fun!

  2. Fantastic cool vest, warming you up in a weather sounding like the weather of the Arctic North without the protecting mountains, let’s decide Spring is near 🙂

    • Thank you, bibprofessor! You would be the one to observe the insulating qualities of the vest! I love it! But I always wonder, it’s so well insulated in the bodice, but what about the arms? I seem to get cold arms as well, though it does free them up. I think I can figure something out!

      Yes, as of today, I felt officially done with winter. But officially, it is too early to make that call. The nice thing is that the days are getting longer and today I brushed my mare, she is shedding, which tells me that spring is coming!

  3. That is an amazing vest, Tammy! Jim done good!! And honestly, if I didn’t know for sure you were 48, I would swear you were 18. You still look exactly like you did the day I met you!! Love you, Roomie!! xoxo

    • Cathy, thank you! I would swear I’m still 18, too, most days! I feel like a kid! (key word, most, days!) Anyway, love you, too, Roomie! Picture your gorgeous, smiling eyes and face from here in my cozy Vermont home with a billion pets, jumping around and flopping about and purring in my lap…. Slainte!

    • Ellen, thank you so much! And it was super great because of friends like you, too.
      Guess what? This year our lucky haying help may score a Wing and a Prayer Farm shirt, too…. seems that a certain husband has made a special order.. 🙂

  4. Why is it that I’m always the last to know? Very happiest of birthdays to you. I found your feelings of thanks for NOT getting any ovine PJs quite humerous … I don’t know how many times I’ve given Joanna the same for any number of holiday gifts! Tell Jim he did a great job with the vest. D

  5. Thanks, D! I’m quite sure you were busy and don’t worry, had a great time without you! But it is kind of you send along the wishes, I shall share with Jim your support for his gift selection! Someday Joanna and I can exchange over who suffered most over the years. All in great fun, of course.

    My new idea is to create a blogging calendar for the year ahead so that I can ensure that I contribute time to a particular agenda of posts. I let so much time get away from me, sometimes, and have lots of ideas. Including reciprocating some long, overdue gracious-gifts posts. Which means you guys over at Pairodox!

    Be well,

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