Duck, Duck, Egg!

The Blue Runner Ducks are laying again.  Finding their eggs scattered willy-nilly about their duck coop since the beginning of March has been both a blessing and a curse.  I’d have to lay on my stomach every morning and crawl into their low-roofed abode, stretching and reaching toward the corners to harvest the precious cargo.  Then wriggle backwards out, still on my stomach, so that I wouldn’t slam my head on the top of the doorway.

I found a tool a couple of weeks into this new daily chore, and pulling the eggs out in the basket of a garden cultivator meant I was spared the (reeking) immersion.  However the long handle would awkwardly slam and jab the coop or me or get tangled in the mesh garden fencing outside -just another little annoyance that I seemed not to master.

This past weekend we pulled the roof off the coop, purged it of the very sodden & soiled (translation:  disgusting) bedding, refreshed it with pine shavings, and in a corner right next to the doorway, placed a pile of straw bits.

Just as I’d hoped, the gals created a stunning nest for depositing the daily golden eggs.

I love how animals communicate.

Indian Blue Runner Ducks' eggs

Know anyone looking for duck eggs? Hands down they are the best to bake with, and also make gorgeous decorated Easter Eggs.

13 responses to “Duck, Duck, Egg!

  1. That sounds fabulous!
    I wish I lived in the area, let a lone the State. I would take those eggs in a heartbeat…and any others you might have handy.

    • Lucky you! They’re pretty special and not really that easy to come by. Thanks for the stop-by!

  2. Nice photo, nice story. Birds are weird, aren’t they? We’ve being having something of a rodent problem in our chicken house! Yikes. Having to keep the chickens out to set traps at night – hate to do it … but ‘rodents of unusual size,’ cannot be tolerated under any circunstances. Haven’t heard from you in a while … I hope everything is AOK up North and that you’ve just been busy, busy. Any lambs yet? We’re up to nearly 20 with just a couple of ewes remaining. D

    • I am very amused by my poultry. I’m sorry you guys are having rodent-troubles. We had them, a long time ago when we first had chickens. They were scary R-A-T-S that were able to gorge themselves on the grain until we caught them. The only way we could get rid of them in the end was to do the same as you, confining the flock, watching out for all the pets & livestock, and trapping/poisoning them. It was a temporary situation and we haven’t (knock on wood) had that problem since. We also have 7 cats now, too.
      All is AOK, and I am jealous of 20 lambs! Pictures, pictures! Our lambing is a little later (hopefully May) but I’m ready any day for the unplanned pregnancies that may have occurred with our unwethered wethers…
      Happy End-O-March, hurray, to you and J!

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