Shepherds watch

The Hug

The Hug – In which younger sister tells older sister that she’ll be going to the same college

Everything, all at once.

The grass is greening, the daffs are dazzling, chicks are growing, eggs are being laid by the gazillions.  I planted raspberry bushes & dahlia tubers in the softened gardens.  I’ve got transplanting of seedlings to do, coops and stalls to clean, fences to mend…

There are recent developments with the flock – both kiddoes and sheep.  From small to tall, the kids are alright.  The eldest got great news, the youngest chose her place of higher education.

In our jubilation, we decided to install a lamb-cam to celebrate.

If you’re curious to watch blurry Maggie, or whomever we train the camera on, click on the link below and follow the login:

Lamb Cam 2013


Password:  lambcam

Ruva watches while Char installs the new spyware

Ruva watches while Char installs the new spyware

4 responses to “Shepherds watch

  1. So happy for your girls! What a wonderful experience it will be for hem being at the same college! And as always news is always best when it is good! The kids and I can’t wait to check in on the lamb cam! Happy Spring!

    • Julie, I’ll send you a notice if there’s something going on! Right now, Maggie is moving around and I’m not sure what’s up. She is due first, I believe, that’s why we put the camera on her. So excited!
      Yes, it was the sweetest thing and it’s rather a long story about Char & her college visit and why she ended up choosing Mount Holyoke. I’ll catch you up when I see you and the kids this spring (you’re all coming some fine day, aren’t you?!?!?)

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