Pearway to Heaven

Char and I just came in from some spectacular star gazing.  The Perseids meteor showers are brilliantly displayed in the inky dark of these next couple of nights -so get out there if you can.  The peak is supposedly on Monday, at 3p.m., and of course in our Western Hemisphere that translates to daylight.  Which is not conducive to meteor-viewing.  So don’t kick yourself on Monday that you forgot to go out on Sunday night to look for “fireballs”, the ‘bits of grit (that) spark ionized trails dozens of miles up in the atmosphere.'(Alan Boyle, Science Editor, NBC News)

We were finishing some pies for an order in the morning and the last two in the oven were “Pearway to Heaven”.  The combination of fresh pears and crystallized ginger, hot golden crusts and bubbling syrup had formed a Milky Way of its own and the entire time we were outside, we were intoxicated by the sweet, vanilla-y cloud that followed us from the kitchen.

Skywatching is pretty spectacular when you live in the very rural Green Mountain state.  The only light pollution to infiltrate the night was a bit of glow from the town to the south, so we simply changed our position to look northward.  We got to see 8 meteor streaks altogether.  Two of them were the “fireballs” we’d read about in preparation and we simultaneously cried “Oh!”

Just beautiful.

Now lest you think it’s all wine and roses around here, I must share that at the same time we were intoxicated by pear pie fragrance and magical night skies, our two pups, Jackie & Cricket, were ridiculously alert and attentive to every night sound produced:  A Barred owl “Whoooo!”  The “mehh” of our three nosey goats as they spied on us from their paddock.  The green frog ‘Gung!’   A pack of coyotes howling in the distance.  Just a couple of sheep baaing from the fields.

So to rid ourselves of the barking duo, we brought them into the house and snuck out the back door for a more peaceful observation.

Mr. Schill, the big Maine Coon Cat, found us on the deck and rubbed and wove his soft, fuzzy chubbiness in and around our calves as we sat outside for about fifteen more minutes.

After a brief chat, we decided to lock the sheep in their stall since I never sleep when I hear coyotes in the distance.  I had to lock up the ducks’ coop, anyway, as I’d meant to do it earlier.  The chores very quickly brought us back to earth, but what a lovely, albeit brief, escape it had been.

Perseid Meteor

Perseid Meteor (Photo credit: dmourati)

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    • Thanks, D, am having a hard time keeping up with the farm blog this summer – so many posts running around in my head, not able to pull off the sitting down and writing them, or reading all of my favorites(yours included), in the past couple of months! I expect quieter days in….January? 🙂 Say hi to Miss J for me and I am still in the market for her weaving-magic as soon as I can get myself organized

  1. So lovely, Tammy. I’ve been so busy, too, and my only quiet connection time is late evening when I go to tuck the birds in. I steal a few minutes just staring up at the endless sky – the Milky Way tracks straight across our opening here!

  2. Thank you, George. And I know that feeling – when I’m out there tonight, I’ll think about you too. It’s the quietest, most restorative pause, no? Be well and congratulations on the EGGS!!!!!

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