Labor Day Weekend

The spectacularly successful self-sown Sunflowers.  Thank you, bird-friends!

The spectacularly successful self-sown Sunflowers. Thank you, birds.

Greetings, farm friends!  Before I lose you:  We have moved from our site to a site.  Thanks to Jimmy we are re-vamped and rocking out with a more specialized website than simply the farm blog.  Please, if you enjoy our posts and don’t mind sharing the farm-love, subscribe or re-subscribe on the “E-I-E-I-O” button in the sidebar with your email address to ensure delivery of updated posts.  Even if you have “followed the farm” in the past, you may need to resubscribe because of the I-don’t-know-what-I’m-just-telling-you-what-Jimmy-told-me.  I’m not an ace where this stuff is concerned.  It’s all thanks to the wonderful Jimmy, whom I’m sending cookies to daily, practically, to thank.  

O.k., that is done, please read on!

Today there will be new hens arriving.  A friend has to move and so we are honored to be able to make her great gals welcome.  I’ve not figured out entirely where to put the girls, yet, as they transition to this new home.  I’m not worried.

There’s a turkey that is unwell in the pony’s stall.  Little friend Katelyn came by yesterday morning.  She likes to help on the farm.  We rescued the sad looking turk from the flock in the pasture and relocated her to the cool, comfortable stall in the barn and provided her with food & water.  She set to eating instantly.  We are crossing fingers that she’ll recover.  Meanwhile, the rest of the flock (32) are happily tweedling and foraging in the pasture.

The Shetland Sheep are taking up two stalls in the barn because the lambs are still in the process of weaning.  The ewes take one stall at night, the lambs & wethers take the other.

The sheep are also eating up their pastures so rapidly that I think I could be moving them every two days.  Katelyn & I relocated the portable fencing for the ewes yesterday and today I’ll be installing the other mesh fencing for the lambs & wethers in a different place.  It is typically exasperating moving the lambs to a new pasture.  They don’t “get it” right away that they’re supposed to follow me to a new location and I wish I was an octopus with 200-foot long arms to try to get them to go in the right directions.  There’s no photographing the 3-ring circus, either.  It’s an all-hands-on-deck event trying to train them to a new location.

Soon the lambies are leaving – at least 8 of them are.  They have a new home in Wallingford, VT with a lovely mama that wants to raise wethers and use them for pasture ornaments, eventually learning about how to process their fleeces.  The other lambies, the ewe-lambs, will stay on here and be used for breeding/fleeces in the coming years.

The horses’ pasture has too many thistle and burdock plants that have gone to seed, tree trunks chewed that we hadn’t wrapped.  The pony-friends keep acquiring fantastic dreadlock hairdos from entangled burrs.  We then groom; they go out and get more.

The goats have an excellent fenced in paddock, now, and so their daily games are minimized.  Except yesterday they figured out how to bust out and we found them in the tack-room last evening, gorging on sheep grain.

Lu, Patricia & Marcia having an un-chaperoned evening frolic in the aisleway & tack room

Lu, Patricia & Marcia having an un-chaperoned evening frolic in the aisleway & tack room.

The chicken coop needs cleaning, especially because we’re readying for the new girls. But it’s a wet weekend and I need dry weather for that.  Also, there are 13 one-month old chicks that are ready to move from their temporary brooder situation in the barn.  The barn stalls need freshening.  The barn-paint is peeling.  Not going near the indoor projects or the garage clean-up with a 10-foot pole.

We’ve been busy in the kitchen making so. many. pies.  And selling them.  Our new pie safe is up and running and I love it.  (see our pie-page for pictures)

The two older kiddoes are off to new adventures.  Char & I are holding down the fort this weekend.  Jim is off fishing.  

I’m going to maybe weed the lawn, which is another name for our gardens now. They are so infested that it would make more sense to mow them all and start fresh next year.  My (once)beautiful perennial beds are full of sumac, overgrown tiger lilies, grasses of every sort.  Somewhere in there are old roses, riddled with Japanese beetle-chewed leaves, Asiatic & Oriental lilies, dahlias, I don’t even remember what else. 

People like to celebrate & entertain on Labor Day Weekend. I’ve never been a member of a union and I am grateful for the long weekend, but I’m afraid the original meaningfulness of the holiday is lost, especially on a farmer & a mom.  The only time I did recognize a holiday for this long weekend was when I had an office-job.

Don’t you worry – I’m not pining for those days!

This morning I got the idea to make my own Skyr and ordered some rennet.  Because, you see, there is not enough to keep busy with around here.  I won’t be ordering a cow, though.

Meanwhile, meet Pippin.  This week’s hatchling:

Pippin, rescued at one day old, from the Indian Runner Duckling's yard where they are too busy running around to care for the kids.

Pippin, rescued at one day old, from the Indian Runner Duckling’s yard where they are too busy running around to care for the kids.





4 responses to “Labor Day Weekend

  1. I’m thrilled about your new site. But especially that Jimmy is getting some real world experience. I wish him all the best on his career. Wish I’d started when I was his age. He’s done an outstanding job.

    • Thanks, Mark! Yes, I agree, Jimmy is a super guy. He’s been working extremely hard for some time. Has been very mature handling his business, too. He’s been helping me over the past few years with just about everything, straightening stuff out remotely, coming by for hours on end to troubleshoot. Now that he’s off to school, he’s still helping me! I’ve adopted him – he’s the 4th White-kid!

      Hope you are staying busy -see you soon.

  2. Oh boy, you guys are busy! Need to plan a “work party” with friends followed by pizza.

    • Thank you, Sandy! That is a great idea. As it stands, the sheep that were moved stayed put, but the sheep that we’d put yesterday decided to break out. 🙂 Crazies.
      And it was absolutely humid here! How ’bout by you? So it was a low-output gardening day. I just couldn’t seem to muster the energy to go crazy like I’d intended.
      Surprise of the day was that I’d forgotten a cake-order I needed to fill! The customer came by and I felt ridiculous! She was fine with it, came back later on for the cake after I’d finished!
      Happy long weekend!

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