Workhorse – these are my favorite overalls which I am inspired to repair to keep wearing.  Read about a socially conscious art installation here where Michael Whaling of Scoharie County, NY works & creates a variety of art.

Today, being Labor Day and all, I thought it would be fitting to share the work of the day.

Early – finished preparing & delivered pies, set eggs out at end of driveway for egg customers after my cup of coffee with this chap:

My date for early coffee today

My date for early coffee today

Mid-morning – finished rest of barn chores including moving the lambs to one pasture, the ewes to another, etc., etc.  Neighbor friend came by to groom horses and train pony.

Hurray!  Nite Nite didn't mind her saddle or her rider at all!

Hurray! Nite Nite didn’t mind her saddle or her rider at all!

Mid-day – finished pony-work, delivered neighbor-friend back to her home, snagged a Red Solo Cup of freshly prepared Cucumber Soup that neighbor’s dad shared with me, drove home & had lunch, including said-soup(which was delicious.)

Afternoon, all of it – cut all of the thistles and burdocks from the pastures and hedgerows around the barn.  Trundled it all together.  Put it in the back of the truck to haul off where it won’t reseed the pastures and barn vicinity.

Little frog friend that I found on Char's back while we were hacking burdocks.

Little frog friend that I found on Char’s back while we were hacking burdocks.

This job uses a machete & large lopping shears.  The tools are the awesome part of the job.  The heat-stroke I nearly suffered was not an awesome part of the job.

Late afternoon -attempted to get into a thicket surrounding a boulder near the roundpen to rid it of thistles & burdocks.  Saw a snake skin.  Freaked out and called it a day on that location.

Later afternoon – attempted to hack down the overgrown sumac and various other gigantic wild beasts in my front perennial garden.  Ran into a yellow-jackets’ nest.  Heart-rate escalated as I ran super-fast away.  (I have a bee allergy and it is a sad set-back when I get stung.)

Late, late afternoon – a lot of meh-ing from the barn.  Ran out to find that two of three goats had escaped.  Well-behaved goat was telling on the others.  Poorly behaved two goats were stuffing their faces in the tack room on sheep grain, which they’d uncovered and dumped.  Collected them by the horns and led them to their paddock.  Well-behaved goat was satisfied.

Poorly behaved goats, headed back to their stall

Poorly behaved goats, headed back to their stall

Late, late, late afternoon – a lot of meh-ing from the barn.  This time I asked Char to please go get the goats and stow them into their stall for the night.

Late, late, late, late afternoon – a lot of baaah-ing from the ewes.  Put on my boots and headed out to the barn to find about 8 or 9 lambs had escaped from their pasture and were milling about near the apple tree, the garden, the horse paddock.

Lambs on the lam - again.

Lambs on the lam – again.

Early evening – took about an hour to stow the whole lot in the barn for the evening, fed the horses and put them out into their night pasture.  Tucked all of the chickens in, including the silkie that thinks I can’t see her on the aluminum garbage pan which houses their grain.  Tucked all of the ducks in, in about 2 seconds, because they’re Runner Ducks.

Evening – made chocolate hazelnut cookies for the second time this weekend & had two for dinner.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies - recipe from King Arthur Flour -delicious!


I think, except for the dishes in the sink, I might be done for the day.

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    • 🙂 You won’t believe it! I just got up so I could go get the horses in (big storm coming), said, “First I’m going to do these dishes!” Then I dropped my glass into the garbage! I’m a little overtired! Wouldn’t that be a zippy-way to get the dishes done, though?!

  1. Tammy – Have you read “One Man’s Meat” by E.B. White? It’s a collection of essays he wrote while living and writing on his saltwater farm in Maine… this reminds me of one. I think you’d love it!

  2. Ashley: No, I have not, though my friend Megan gave me an essay of his to read, once, which may have come from these writings. I looked it up – I think it would be right up my alley! Thank you for the recommendation, thank you for stopping by to read!

  3. Overall wonderful post, of course, a good long day of good life ! I also really like the linked story about getting the holes in jeans or overalls in a honest way 🙂 I also wondered if it was deliberately that I got the e-mail notice about the post 6 times ? perhaps because of the overalls ??:=) inspired to make a new blog post !

    • Niels:
      I thank you for the comment and I knew you’d appreciate the overalls/jeans. I thought of you right away when I’d read the article! Almost sent it directly to you!

      I’ll contact Jimmy, my tech-helper, to see why you’d have gotten the post 6 times. He was tinkering with the settings last night because the dates were mixed up. He’d fixed it. But I don’t think he intended everyone to get the post 6 times nor to have comments show up in folks’ readers! THank you for your kind comment. Have a great day!

  4. Tammy … do you have any idea why I received all of these comment in my READER? Perhaps you could ask the guy who set your new webpage. Thanks. D

    By the way … crazy day … just tired reading about it. Hope everyone and everything weathered the storm. D

    • No -I’m sorry. I have no idea and I’ll ring Jimmy up. What a storm. Yes. We had put the horses out to their evening pasture, wondering if we could get away with it, then looked at the radar as it got later in the evening and ran out there in the nick of time to retrieve them and bring them in where they have a runout. Got in the house just before the monsoon arrived. No damage last evening, but the night before we had lightening strikes all over the place. Hope your beginning of school year is enjoyable, the farm stays quiet til October.

      • Hi all! I’m hoping this is fixed! New posts should only show up once – I had to change the date on the site and this post last night and since I tried it a few ways, I saved it a few times, causing it to resend the notification apparently – Sorry about that!

        Comments shouldn’t show up in the reader anymore unless you are subscribed to comments, and I think I just made it so that wasn’t possible anymore. Hope this works. If this DOES show up in the reader, would someone reply to let me know and I will try again? Thanks and sorry!!

      • Glad everything and everyone came through AOK. Yes, please do see if you can figure out what’s up. I tried with the WordPress forum but cannot access that from this computer. Will let you know if and when and if I discover anything. It’s not like I don’t like to read all of the comments coming into Wing and a Prayer … but, you know! D

      • I’m sorry to bother. But, I’m wondering whether you’ve provided RSS feeds from your new website to those of us still here at WordPress. If that is so, perhaps you could edit the feeds to include only the original post and NOT the subsequent comments. I wonder if any other of your WordPress followers is also receiving followup comments to posts? D

        • I am sending in a ticket to the wordpress support people. It’s something to do with the connection between and There are also two people specifically subscribed to comments on this specific post according to the dashboard. I’ll let you know what they say.

  5. Oh Tammy, a farmer’s work is never done, is it? You need a day of rest to recover from your day of rest!! I’ll come up one Saturday, and you can sit back with a glass of iced tea and direct me on what to do! You’ll get some peace, and I’ll get some exercise. Sounds like a win-win to me! Love you girl! xoxo

    • Cathy! I love a good day off, like anyone, but also the sense of accomplishment from everything being “ready”. On a farm, there’s always more. Like laundry! Yes, you come by and work WITH me some day! So much more fun with companionship. Thanks for the “visit” & the comment -Love you back, girl! xoxo

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